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True, iPhones are a little boring.
Android OS Evolution vs iPhone OS / iOS Evolution

+Tony Simons recently shared a post showing the "evolution" of the iOS user interface over the past 5 years. As you can see, not a whole lot as changed in terms of the user experience.

Let's take a look at Android. Here we have four Android phones running pure Android or devices running the "pure Google experience". That means they aren't running any carrier UI's or skins. We have the HTC Dream / G1, HTC Nexus One, Samsung Nexus S, and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. All devices were roughly released one year after another. As you can clearly see from 2008 to 2011 the user interface and user experience has evolved and the hardware design has undergone drastic changes as well.

Maybe iOS got it right the first time and Android was playing catch up for a few years? This clearly is no longer the case.

Watch these videos and you decide.

Android Vs iOS The Truth about Apple and Google's OS Part 1
Android Vs iOS The Truth about Apple and Google's OS Part 2

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Thanks to +Mary Hall for sharing this one: WOW!
It's just an illusion: Mathematician uses thousands of Lego bricks to recreate Escher's gravity-defying images by Nadia Gilani

First lecture today, from what I can gather the module is mostly about reading Camus so I'm excited!

I've read 150 pages of 'The Great Partnership' by Rabbi Sachs in the last few days, gripping non fiction?!

Currently enjoying a bit of a Freddie's birthday Queen marathon.

Newscorp shares rose as Murdoch was pied, interesting.

Back from LDN, spent more time travelling across the commuter belt than I did on the train home. Knackered.

There's no way of knowing if I'm in everyone's 'pricks' circle on here is there?
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