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looking through status updates on facebook I see the following patterns:

1. most people (>80%) are either submitting photos or commenting on photos: ie. facebook has become mainly a social photo sharing app (something google+ definitely is not yet)

2. a few people (<5%)post random status updates such as this one:

"from Antibes to MC (raining)"

3. The rest are just notifications that xyz is now a friend with abcl
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added more people -- and my stream is now about 70% as interesting as facebook
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Google location is off by 80 miles for me (i'm in the french counytryside, quite a distance from "boulevard heurtelopue, Tours)
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lots of "friend requests" on google +, but so far, a very uninteresting stream
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why is my google+ stream so bad? Love organizing by circle, but my overall stream quality is horrible.
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With respect to +Kevin Rose, you should no more move your blog to Google+ than you should have to Geocities. Tap into social networks, use them to build your engagement, sure. But your own domain is for life. Google+ is not. Tomorrow, Google could close it, and while you can export your content, you cannot export all that link equity with it. Your posts will 404; that's not engagement. That's annoying. Being master of your own domain isn't just a funny Seinfeld episode. It's common sense, and it shouldn't be forgotten the moment a new flavor of social media Kool-Aid comes along.
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Ten reasons we need an alternative to FB (and twitter)

1. Neither FB nor Twitter can be trusted by developers. Just ask Zynga or Adly

2. FB's design is anti-diluvian. We need something more inspired.

3. Twitter's hashtags and @mentions are the modern day version of emacs

4. FB and Twitter act as if they own your data

5. FB is the new AOL. Non-inventions like "FBML","Apps" that are really just iframes, FB Mail, etc.. are the new versions of AOL Keywords, AOL Channels, and AOL Mail.

6. Words like "poking" "social graph" and "sharing" make one cringe -- especially coming from MZ

7. The most entertaining thing on FB is Farmville. Says a lot.

8. You will never get your photos out of FB

9. You will never organize your FB "friends"

10. Your mom is not your friend
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clear benefits of google+ over facebook

1. the ability to start over with friend selection / categorization. By now, my facebook "friend" list contains mainly junk -- people i really dont care about, unorganized, and hard to "unfriend".

2. because communication (posts) are segregated, "sharing" is more like emailing to a distribution list - with the added benefit of being able to edit the email after sending it. This means I can share a lot more information which i wouldn't do publicly.
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fred krueger changed his profile photo.
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