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Seeking to Lead People to Jesus
Seeking to Lead People to Jesus


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  Recently I
visited Methodist Hospital located in the famed Houston Medical Center. The Houston
Medical Center has been and is home to some of the best doctors and hospitals
in the world. For example, people come from all over the world for treatment at

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Listening to the Sermon As a
pastor, I always say that the first person who hears the sermon is me. Through the
preparation of a sermon, God speaks, challenges, motivates and convicts. If the
sermon doesn’t speak to the preacher, then it’s not going to spea...

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That's Conviction!
Conviction: A fixed or firm belief. As we have
studied the life of Joseph, we have learned what conviction looks like. Joseph
never wavered in his belief that God keep His promise. From the first dream
Joseph experienced to his last words, he held a convict...

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Marriage Redefined
the SCOTUS decision is disappointing, the fact is we live in a secular nation
that, from a government standpoint, seeks to please the will of the people. The
‘will of the people’ is usually not the will of all the people in the land. So,

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I Don't Feel Like It!
don’t feel like it today! How often have we let that phrase
rule our choices and behavior? Feeling like
it is a dangerous way to make decisions. I don’t think that I have heard
that phrase uttered when someone is facing a life-saving surgery. I have never...

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Just Begin...
           I want to say thank you to the group that came out Saturday for the evangelism
conference. Dr. Matt Queen encouraged and reminded us that, as disciples of Jesus,
we have the privilege and responsibility to tell the good news of Jesus. Most

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Secret Church
Guest blogger: Vince Koegle   When
we think of "church" in America, we think of going to meet at a
building, singing, praying and hearing a message from a pastor or teacher. But
in many places around the world, "church" meets in a home, an
apartment, and so...

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Repentance Leads to Forgiveness
            When Joel spoke God's Word to
Israel, the people had just experienced a disaster never seen before on the
earth. In no way does Joel soften God’s judgment or try to make the people feel
good about themselves. Instead, he calls them to mourn thei...

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ReachNB Look,
now is the acceptable time; now is the day of salvation (2 Cor. 6:2, HCSB). The Apostle Paul pleads with his readers that there
is an urgency to the ministry of reconciliation. By ministry of reconciliation, Paul means the calling of the unsav...

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     Today I welcome Student Pastor Tim Wheeless to the blog to tell us about the Student event Persecuted that was held last weekend.      “I have never thought about this much before. I knew it
happened, but this opened my eyes to how real persecution is....
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