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『永行忠義堪歌詠 言出九鼎志更春』
Snake Crane Wing Chun (蛇鶴詠春) has been hidden for over a century. Compared to the other branches, it has a very low profile and is largely unknown. There are different rules governing the followers of this branch; no demonstrations; no fighting with others; and no relations with the rest of the martial art community. This is a strictly family-oriented branch.


Accordingly, ‘Snake Crane Wing Chun’ was developed in the Wing Chun House, one of the houses in the Shaolin Temple. It was used to train the guardian monks the Shaolin martial art. In the house, there are two statements :『永行忠義堪歌詠 言出九鼎志更春』. The name ‘Wing Chun’ (詠春) is derived from the last word of each statement.

Snake Crane Wing Chun was developed by the monk "Chi Sin" and the nun "Ng Mui", as well as numerous experienced guardian monks of the Shaolin Temple. Chi Sin was good at the "Snake form" and Ng Mui was good at the “Crane form”, and they observed the daily activities of the life of the Snake and the Crane. Because a lot of the Snake's ‘hands’ and the Crane's ‘hands’ can be found in Snake Crane Wing Chun Kuen, it is called ‘Snake Crane Wing Chun’. Later, these two statements became the discipline of Snake Crane Wing Chun Mun and have governed the followers of this branch.

During the Qing dynasty, in order to reduce the influence of the Saholin temple in the martial arts community and among the anti-Manchurian collaborators, the Qing government encouraged one of the Shaolin traitors, Ma Ling Yee, to rebel against Shaolin. He was very familiar with the Shaolin martial art, and a lot of Shaolin monks and related people were killed. Chi Sin and Ng Mui then gave up the traditional big motion style of the Shaolin martial art and evolved a new concept of the fighting technique that Ma Ling Yee did not know; it was characterized by reflex and quick attacks within a short distance to cope with this traitor.

After the fire of the Shaolin Temple, Chi Sin and Ng Mui escaped to the Southern part of the China from the persecutions of the Qing government and developed Snake Crane Wing Chun very quickly in the area. The Snake Crane Wing Chun Mun branch is descended from Chi Sin. After the fire of the King Fa Wui Goon (瓊花會館), related to the TaiPing Heavenly Kingdom, in order to avoid the persecutions of the Qing government, Snake Crane Wing Chun Mun was concealed in the GuongDong area.

There are two interrelated names in Snake Crane Wing Chun Kuen: one is called ‘Blind Kuen’. Eyes can be covered during practice to develop quick reflexes. The other is called ‘Home Kuen’ because training is always done at home, never in the open.

Governing Rules:

The mastery of Snake Crane Wing Chun was bequeathed to Sun Kam(2nd Generation), a member of Red Boat Opera. In his late age, Law Tiu Wen(3rd Generation) was one of his students. The governing rules of the Snake Crane Wing Chun Mun had already become very strict; open demonstrates were forbidden to avoid persecution from the Qing government; the teaching of foreigners was prohibited, as in the late Qing dynasty, Chinese were often bullied by foreigners; and no relationship with other martial art organizations was allowed. In order to continue the skills and not practise openly, it has kept a very low profile until today.

In Hong Kong:

Snake Crane Wing Chun appeared in Hong Kong in the 1940s, after Law Ting Chau and his family moved to Hong Kong. His descendant is his son, Law Chiu Wing. Up to now, there are only a handful of students in this branch.

The content of Snake Crane Wing Chun includes "Siu Lim Tau", "Chum Kiu", “Biu Chi”, “Luk hands”, sticky hands, dummy techniques, long pole and double knives. There are also many associated training poems complied with the practices.

In the 21st Century:

In the late Qing Dynasty, as the Snake Crane Wing Chun came from Shaolin, it was one of the targets to be removed by the Qing government. After the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom and the fire of King Fa Wui Goon, it kept a very low profile in order to survive. The governing rules of this branch were defined very strictly in order to retain the skill over succeeding generations. 

Today, in the 21st century, long after the passing away of the Qing dynasty, after the Republic of China moved to Taiwan, and after the People’s the Republic of China became the governing party in the mainland, the situation of Snake Crane Wing Chun has totally changed since its beginning 150 years ago. The Qing dynasty disappeared a century ago and now a Chinese satellite is orbiting the moon. 

In addition, the daughters of Law Chiu Wing are not interested in inheriting this skill. In order to retain the skill, Law has modified the rules of this branch, and made it public. Now, Snake Crane Wing Chun is open to all. We hope that our descendants will maintain it and pass it on to future generations.
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