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Once upon a Time
My trip "North" was all about going to a wedding for one of my cousin's sons. Well the second reason I was compelled to go was to meet up with my cousins that I had not seen in 42 years. That is right, 42 years we'd been apart. It had been ages since I'd be...

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Polarized Filter or Not?
I watched a tutorial video by ON1 the other day and the photographer Scott Davenport. The link goes to his website and some of the books, so it sort of is a shameless plug for him. His tutorials on the ON1 website are pretty darned good. His photography is ...

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Low perspectives
The woods look pretty dreary and uninteresting right at the moment, but I still believe there can be interesting things found. I grabbed my Nikon with the Nifty 50mm lens and decided to explore. The challenge is to not have a zoom focus but a fixed lens whe...

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Bones Bones Bones & Pine Cones
My morning started out just beautifully. The sunrise was amazing. However because I was feeling rather lazy I had coffee and watched the sky turn colors. If I'd been really full of 'gumption' as my Grandma would have said, I'd have gone to the ridge to do a...

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Mud Season
Me. I look at the house and see the mud covered rugs and cringe. Our weather is changing back to Mud Season in March. Him. He sees no trace of dirt. Mud? He suggests I wait until mud season is over. Me. "I see muddy dog tracks on the new beautiful kitchen f...

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Tainter Hollow
After my haircut yesterday I decided to go to the Tainter Creek Public Hunting and Fishing area. There is a small parking area just past this sign. For a while the area was trashed with remnants of little campfires and beer cans. After this sign was erected...

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New terminology
I've adopted a new set of words for common things since my 'new' neighbors moved in. Their son Logan has some of the best little sayings. My favorite one that sticks with me is .... " I'm Stucking !" uttered by Logan when his boots got stuck in the March mu...

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I like night. Night shooting.
Well what do you do when you have to work the 'graveyard' shifts or get off at odd times of the morning and there is a clear sky and bright moonlight.... you almost can't pass up the chance to experiment a bit with night shooting in the moonlight. The bigge...

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IR Photography ~ No you shouldn't do that!
Well I decided to read instructions and try out some IR photography again. IR is for bright sunny days with lots of blue skies and green leaves. The colors are really quite different when using an Infrared Filter. The above shot is from last summer on a hot...

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While you were asleep
Insomnia is a wonderful thing to have. Sometimes. I woke up for about the ... well let's just say I woke up and since I stop counting the times I wake up at night and only count the times that I actually sleep more than 4 hours in a row, I just got up. The ...
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