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Peace does not come from finally having the ideal external conditions. It is the elements of faith and trust, acceptance and allowing, that create the foundation for the internal experience of peace, which then ripples out into your experience of the external world. It all begins within. ~Archangel Gabriel

Shelley Young

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Full Moon in Pisces August 26 2018 ~ Looking Within

On Sunday, August 26, the full moon falls at 3º Pisces decan 1. Fantasy and reality, the spiritual and the material… they may seem like polar opposites, but the lines separating one from the other are often blurrier than we think. It’s a disorienting idea that can make us feel out of our depth—but these are just the kind of waters that Pisces loves to go swimming in!

The Full Moon often magnifies, bringing matters to a head — only some of which we will have seen growing. We need only know that we are in a process, however, to make the best use of this lunation’s available energies. With a Pisces Full Moon, the focus is on the inner world, the rich realms of fantasy and vision. The mind’s critical faculty can discount imagination and daydreaming as frippery or a waste of energy, yet we subconsciously rely on such processes.

The Moon is a distinctly feminine energy symbol, so connections with females of all kinds will now tend to be closer and more needed, powerful, or significant. The Virgo Sun’s role in this Full Moon puts the emphasis on themes of health, logic, and practicality. We may be less inclined to have great dreams and visions if we never take the steps to fulfill any aspects of them. Positively, we can use our subtle, psychic, and intuitive levels of perception to find clearer answers and inspirations, especially in Virgo’s realms of work and health.

This Full Moon provides an opportunity to change negative patterns and achieve (or rediscover) equilibrium. The Pisces focus also presses on the need to ensure that time is made available for purposeful contemplation or relaxing meditation, to help rebalance mind and body together, after which plans can flow more easily.

With the Sun making an earth grand trine with Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn, there is a distinct need to examine both the past and the future. Meditation may help us with integrating and consolidating content on the paths we’ve already crossed, as well as offering pointers for the future and our next steps.


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Happy Thursday, AUGUST 16

The Moon continues its transit of Libra until 4:55 AM EDT, forming a square to Mars just before it leaves the sign. We can be restless, impatient, and combative during this brief transit. Something from our past that made us angry can be on our minds now. The Moon then enters Scorpio, and we’re seeking a stronger emotional connection to the world around us or a particular project or person. We’re especially observant and perceptive, and we’re inclined to strategize rather than act spontaneously now. This is a strong time for sharing power effectively in our relationships, as well as for more commitment and intensity or passion.

The Moon is void from 3:57 AM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a square to Mars), until the Moon enters Scorpio at 4:55 AM EDT.

Cafe Astrology

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Moon in Scorpio (Archangel Jeremiel)

Working with wonderful Archangel Jeremiel, you’ll learn how to understand your depths. Archangel Jeremiel helps newly crossed-over souls review their lives. He also helps the living take an inventory and adjusts their life paths accordingly.

You don’t have to wait until you cross-over to the other side to take stock of your life. Archangel Jeremiel reminds us that life has both light and dark sides, and the most important thing is to get an overall picture of how we're doing. Jeremiel helps us take responsibility for making better choices, if necessary. Archangel Jeremiel will help you delve into your life review through the process of forgiving yourself and others. Ask Archangel Jeremiel to help you with life review and then allow yourself some alone time.

Moon in Scorpio can be very intense emotionally, if you find you’re judging yourself or others harshly, ask Archangel Jeremiel to help you to see with loving eyes. Forgiveness is a way of detoxing yourself, regaining your power, and balancing your karma. Scorpio magic happens when you focus your wizardry on love and positive energy.

Archangel Jeremiel inspires Divine visions. Working with Jeremiel you can learn to trust and highly develop your psychic abilities. Jeremiel has a dark purple halo, and Amethyst is the gemstone to work with this archangel.

~ Yasmin Boland
Angel Astrology 101/Archangels 101

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Moon in Scorpio

MOON ENTERS SCORPIO at 1:55am PST/ 4:55am EST(early Thursday morning) until Saturday creates an atmosphere of seriousness and deep thought. Shallow doesn’t work as the need for purpose and depth takes precedence and you are likely to ponder aspects of life relating to what worries you. Passions and priorities surface that lead your feelings.

When the Moon is in Scorpio

Regardless of what your Moon sign is, for a couple of days each month we will all feel the influence of the Scorpio Moon. This means you'll react a little more sharply and with that stinger Scorpio is known for. You may feel things a little more passionately, or you may be willing to go to extremes that you might not otherwise go to. The Moon in Scorpio isn't known for being low-key!

This is also a time of when you'll look within to truly understand the depths of your feelings. This period of introspection could lead to greater self-awareness as well as an awareness of those around you. The ability to get in touch with the intricacy of your own emotions gives you the insight needed to understand others' motivations. Don't be surprised if you have a few light bulb moments during this time.

Scorpio Moon Sign Traits:


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Dear Ones, we cannot express enough how important the element of acceptance is to your awakening journey. It is the core of enlightenment. It is essential to unconditional love, unity consciousness, and receiving the help of a universe that adores you. It is the anti-dote to resistance.

One very easy thing you can do, should you find yourself in a state of discomfort, is to simply breathe in acceptance and breathe out resistance. If you stop and focus on doing that, just for a few moments, you will find yourself very quickly moving into a much more comfortable space.

We urge you to try it, for every time you choose acceptance, you are empowering yourself to move with the energies with grace and ease, patience and peace. Simply put, acceptance is like healing balm for the soul. ~Archangel Gabriel

Shelley Young

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How to set powerful intentions (after 11:11 Eclipse)

Fortunately, August 2018 opens wonderful opportunities to actualize what you truly adore!

The number 19 continues to be activated throughout August. 19 signifies the light of the Sun, Instant Manifestation and New Beginnings… any 19/10/1 cycle is your time to SHINE.

Adding to the mix – just days ago the August 11 Solar Eclipse in Leo opened a rare 11:11 portal of NEW transcendent journeys.

11 helps us discern positive from negative – to choose only what uplifts and nourishes us at Soul-level. 11 demands your full attention… a total PRESENCE that is your internal awakening of Light and Love.

Especially now, while Leo’s warmth and courage is ALSO active, you want to set new intentions.

When you hone in on your heart-felt intentions, you become a Conductor of Light.

Placing your full attention on what you love will alchemize energy and create a void – as new pristine potentials appear!

… so, just do this:

Be CRYSTAL CLEAR about each of your intentions. They will attract to you what you focus on. Be ACCOUNTABLE for every moment of your life by DIRECTING your intentions where you WANT your life to go.

This may sound a bit strange, but… just as Love is not doing, but BEING – Intention is NOT Action.

Love-infused Intention is the initial impulse – before you act.

Action must follow a conscious, clear intention. Not the other way around.

At this dazzlingly wonderful moment in our 2018 timeline you can create, inspire, influence and fulfill like never before!

Let every moment be a conscious creation set by YOU.

Believe in your Brilliance!

Go out into the world and radiate with love.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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Happy Wednesday, AUGUST 15

The Moon spends the day in relationship-focused Libra, and we’re emotionally geared to seek out balance and harmony. We aim to be fair and compromising now, and we get help in the cooperation department through the Moon’s sextile to the Sun. Under this influence, it’s easier than usual to focus as we feel more purposeful and less divided.

The Sun forms a trine to Vesta today, boosting our commitment to making improvements. We can find satisfying channels for directing our energies now, and we might enjoy increased focus or dedication to a pet project. Narrowing our focus makes sense now. The Sun forms a parallel to Mercury today, encouraging us to talk through and analyze problems, as well as sort our thoughts.

Cafe Astrology

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Feelings + Magic + Rare Opportunity: Jupiter Neptune Grand Trine Finale August 19 2018

The Jupiter Neptune Grand Trine Finale Takes Place on August 19, 2018

Magic, opportunity and a whole lot of feelings will be in play as a result. This will be the 3rd and FINAL phase of the magical combination involving one of the biggest “feeling” energies of 2018. A rare opportunity is in the making and one that won’t come along again for over another century and a half!

If you are in need of a little divine help … of the magical kind than this is going to be your ticket there.

This is especially the case since Mercury will go direct right along side this planetary enchantment. Ever since the end of 2017, Jupiter (the planet of belief) and Neptune (the planet of mystics & unexplainable phenomenon) have been persuading us to look at the more spiritual and mystical side of life in order to explain what the heck is going on. If you’ve been wondering why more and more people have been turning to the moon and stars for guidance — this planetary combination is a major reason why.

Both Jupiter and Neptune have been luring even my most unemotional signs into feeling waters— which haven’t been all that easy.

This has been a year where a lot of tears have needed to come out. Even if we didn’t want to … they just simply couldn’t be held back. Like the roaring waves of the ocean, we’ve needed to go to dive deep into the depths of our hearts. Given all the feelings in play, people have not been able to get logical answers. Feelings and logic don’t mix— there is no logic sometimes behind why we feel so strongly about something.

So we have had no choice but to turn to a reasoning of a more unexplained nature for guidance and answers. Even skeptics have become a little more open minded to the unexplainable in 2018. I personally love the ease of people’s new acceptance into my work —but of course it’s brought a long with it a lot of people who aren’t legitimate mystics.

A new quest for meaning is around but the caution points have been to not over idealize anyone or thing – because it could have led to disappointment. The humanitarian side of our personalities have been prompted and more people have been drawn to charity work or lending a helping hand. Our feelings and empathy to others have been running strong. Despite any drawbacks, this is a truly magical combination filled with opportunity and power fuel to recharge our emotional tanks.

The Jupiter Neptune Grand Trine has also enticed people to become more enchanted with love. Some of us out there have gotten caught up in romanticizing about something and some wins may have come along for the ride. The potential to drift off into la la land has also been great. So the caution points have been to not keep our rose-colored glasses on for too long.

On the positive, this “feel the feelings” combination could have delivered a special and even unexplainable opportunity. A special romance could be in the works or something that makes our eye sparkle in delight. The date of August 19, 2018 marks the 3rd exact trine and if it may mark a turn in your story as a result. However the story of Jupiter and Neptune has been in play for a while. The first took place on Dec 2, 2017 and the second was on May 25, 2018. If you felt something then … chances a new win is likely in store as the cycle completes.

With the final phase now in motion, it’s time to ask ourselves what kind of blessings, enchantment or feelings has the Jupiter Neptune Grand Trine delivered to your story….

Crystal B Astrology

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A Discerning Turn on the Path Can Lead to Strength and Positive Conviction, and Toward the Right Direction

And you thought it would last forever – Mercury is really going direct this Sunday from its very intense three week cycle of retrograde in Leo that has been mixed in with the eclipses and a Mars retrograde opposition. Throughout the last month I’ve heard from numerous people saying that this has been very challenging and seemed to be going on infinitely. It always affects communication, travel, causes mix-ups and other issues, but this time it’s intense for emotions and has been causing major struggles between people who’re close and in general. Skirmishes, fighting, wild moods and hellacious events have been happening. When the dust settles from any of your own discrepancies maybe you can just say the devil made you do it.

Just before Mercury’s direct motion this planet of communication makes a nice angle to Venus on the day of the First Quarter Moon in Scorpio. Everything that is under the ongoing growth of the lunar cycle and solar eclipse energy is advancing and moving forward. This is a great cycle of growth. As Mars creeps back via retrograde into Capricorn combined with this Mercurial pause as it shifts into drive, you still may need to be thorough and mindful of business related activities and ways of managing all aspects of your life. Establishment is influenced as is corporations and links to them that includes government. You may notice some authorities are in a quandary and undecided about important changes.

Sandra Helton
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