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Seriously though, SwiftShader is great for filling gaps in the web platform like the uneven support of WebGL. It's an imperfect solution (software rasterizers aren't nearly as performance as real GPUs), but a big step in the right direction while we wait for everyone's GPU drivers to improve.

Hardware accelerated canvas represents a big shift in the performance profile of HTML5 Canvas2D -- many operations are waaaay faster when they're done on the GPU, but there are some operations that CPUs are better at. If you see any performance slowdowns with Canvas2D, we want to know about it -- file a bug at and tag it with Feature-GPU-Canvas2D.
The latest Chrome Beta release -- rolling out today -- introduces a few improvements to help ensure that all users can have smooth and seamless experiences on the web, especially while using the more modern (and graphics-intensive) applications out there.

If you’d like to dig a bit more into the nuts, bolts, and GPU-accelerated-details of this release, you can find out more on the Chromium Blog:
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