Hidden Treasure: 360 talented photographers to discover
    a fully validated circle of photographers
        15'000 followers or fewer

360 photographers plus myself and a couple of relevant pages.

Validation process
This circle has been validated to the max. If you're in this circle you met all of the requirements and showed a nice selction of images in your stream. I personally checked more than 520 profiles to bring you this circle of hand-picked photographers that deserve more attention. I also had the help of +Margaret Tompkins in assembling the temporary circle for validation and +Manuel Votta for helping me to verify some of the requirements.

The main reasons for exclusion:
• The circle announcement wasn't shared.
• I saw an animated gif. (BTW, I saw one in Trey Ratclif's stream so I had to drop him :D )
• insufficient images or trash in the stream.
• not enough images to judge or time wasters.
• thumbnails trying to drive traffic to another website or blog

For anyone sharing this circle, I recommend that you add a few fresh images to your stream to keep your content balanced.

As lastly, let me mention +Peter From and our cooperation on the 15'000 and 7500 followers circle. I think that Peter will do an update of the Upcoming Stars with less than 7500 followers in a week or two. In the meantime here's a link to the previous one which contains an overlapping set of people.: https://plus.google.com/116219534929662479848/posts/2qsSfQ9iibt

Also, Peter will share the European Photographers circles tomorrow at noon CET.

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