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           Here's the completed circle of
             200 great photographers              
          with less than 7500 followers 

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I was very selective in choosing the people in this circle. I have looked at hundreds of profiles and I have selected the ones that I like. Most of what you'll find here is fine art photographers, B&W photographers, and landscape photographers, with a few street photographers, one astro-phootgrapher and some eye-candy. :-)).

Here's a circle of photographers with less than7500 followers. All have some great images to share. Some are fantastic, some awesome. Add this circle, find the ones you enjoy, remove the ones that just aren't to your taste. I think there's a nice cross-section of photographers in this circle.

• Only you can decide which are really awesome, enjoy and share.
• What's that you say ? There's 202 !!! Oh my, that's what happens when a person with physics background starts counting things - quantum mechanics.

• I'm in this circle and I have 32'100 followers. If this offends you, sorry.

Criteria for selection:
• People whose whole stream is project 52 / project 365 photos are unlikely to be chosen
• If there aren't any banner images, I pretty sure I'll skip on by.
• All profiles were verified
• If the profile has no avatar - no
• If there are animated gifs in the stream - no
• if there is a lot of stuff besides original work - no
• (Tricky here) If I don't like what I saw - no
• If I saw anything rude or unfriendly - no
• No one with more than 7500 followers (except me) was added unless they were added before reaching that number

► Every profile was verified. If I saw animated gifs, a slew of shares or too little photography, the profile wasn't added. The photographers in this circle appear to be active members of the community. Many fine photographers were not included because they don't participate enough.

Unfortunately, when you do a circle like this, some people will be unhappy

• If you're a landscape photographer and you don't know +Johan Peijnenburg be sure to make his acquaintance. He is a very talented landscape photographer and keeps one of the best photography circles on G+; which he will reshare soon.

• Architecture and B&W photographers should become acquainted with +David Bowden and +Joel Tjintjelaar (B&W + Long Exposure)

• Check out +Daily Fine Art Themes for themes focusing on traditional Fine Art media.

• To learn more about photography themes visit +Daily Photography Themes or visit my +Monochrome Monday about page; where you find some information on how to participate as well as some resource links.

+Stuart Williams shares some of the best images and best circles on G+

►►►► Remember, the more you share the circle the farther the circle goes. The farther it goes, the more people will see it. The point of a circle is to gain visibility. If you're in this circle it helps you and your fellow photographers if you share it ◄◄◄◄

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