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Have you ever wondered who are the 550 most followed photographers on G+? I mean, you've seen circles for "Most interactive photographers", The Kick Ass Photographers", "The Inspirational Photographers", "The best Nature and Wildlife Photographers", and the list goes on.

This post contains a list and a circle. The circle contains the 500 most followed photographers with less than 60'000 followers.  The list is a list of photographers that have more than 60'000 followers.  Most people on the list have over 1 million followers because they are on the G+ list of suggested users (commonly referred to as the SUL).  

But who are the most followed ? Here is an updated version of a circle  I shared a few months back. I have tried to find all of the top photographers and add them to this circle. Obviously the last 50 places probably change daily so this is the list as I checked it before sharing. The number of followers needed to be on the list has changed a lot over the last 4 months.  Back in February you needed  13'117 followers, in mid-June that number is around 17'200. 

Why is this circle of interest ? Well, because it wasn't chosen by me or any other individual. It was chosen by the G+ community. Some of the people in the circle are great photographers, some are great at being interactive, some are just plain good at marketing themselves, and many have a combination of the above. But, in the end, the G+ community has chosen them as the top 550 photographers to follow.

• Why is xxxx not on the list ?  Photographers that haven't been active on G+ for more than 6 weeks weren't included.  Several photographers that only post sporadically and generally less than one post a month aren't included
• If you find someone on the list that you don't really think is a photographer, send me an email and / or a private post and I'll look into removing them or leave a comment below.
• If you know of someone that I missed that has more than 17'200 followers, let me know and I'll add them to the list for next time.
• You could call this the User's Choice Award circle because people on G+ have chosen to follow the people in this list and circle. 

Why share this circle ? Photographers were among the first people to embrace G+. Over the last few months I have seen photographers add significant numbers of followers and fall in over all standings. Wordy people and celebrities are overtaking photographers. +Trey Ratcliff +Thomas Hawk and +Lisa Bettany are the only photographers in the top 50 on G+. 

This circle doesn't use words like best, or kickass it's simply who you have chosen. Every person in this circle should probably be among the 5000 people that you circle. The large following usually indicates people generating some very nice content and / or highly interactive people that you want to circle.  

I would like to thank +Robert SKREINER.  I used his list of 10'000 photographers to help validate my list and fill in a few holes.  I would also like to thank Daniel Treadwell and Group.as.  Without the group.as website, validating a circle like this is nearly impossible.  The two primary lists are on group.as. (A word of warning, the lists on group.as aren't identical to what's in this circle. )

Top Photographers - Most Followed Photographers On Gplus: http://www.group.as/top+photographers+-+500+most+followed+photographers+on+gplus+/

10000 Photographers Around The World : http://www.group.as/10000+photographers+around+the+world/

A special thanks to +Daniel Treadwell and group.as. Some tools of interest that Daniel is working on https://plus.google.com/103697821787469756035/posts/7tWJqwVPKxH

G+ Photographers with more than 60'000 followers in order of rank:

+Tom Anderson +Trey Ratcliff +Thomas Hawk +Guy Kawasaki  +Colby Brown +Jennifer Bailey +Christopher Michel +Elena Kalis +Lotus Carroll +Scott Kelby +Patrick Di Fruscia +Victor Bezrukov +Jay Patel +Mike Shaw +Leanne Staples +Mihailo Radičević +Olaf Bathke +Dave Powell +Alan Shapiro +Jim Goldstein +Vivienne Gucwa +Dave Beckerman +Alex Koloskov +Leodor Selenier +Klaus Herrmann +Karen Hutton +Star Rush +Jeremy Cowart +Dave Cox +Patrick Smith +Lisa Bettany +Ryan Estrada +Daniel Ibanez +Alfie Goodrich +Shepard Fairey +Kyle Marquardt +Dan Carr +Gary Baseman +Chaz Bojorquez +Chase Jarvis +Terje Sorgjerd +Chrysta Rae +JR Artist +shirley lo +Jessy Eykendorp +Ivan Makarov +Rodney Pike +Scott Jarvie +helen sotiriadis +Nicole S. Young +Chris Chabot +Romain Guy +Athena Carey 
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