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Simple is elegant
Simple is elegant

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The struggle is real.

Do you also suffer from an uncontrollable need to look up the availability of some nice domain names every now and then? How do you keep yourself from finally buying them? I have 6 of them in my shopping cart right now. :-) :-(

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Great article explaining why more bars on wifi don't equal faster Internet, among many other technically aspects of wifi.

You definitely should read it.

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Segurança na sua LAN doméstica com IPv6.

Entenda por que o NAT nunca te salvou de nada e confie no seu modem para dar segurança à sua LAN.

Post has shared content "[…] This CVE reports that if you execd into a running container, the processes inside of the container could attack the process that just entered the container.[…]Mainly this is a host-based attack. This is where SELinux steps in to thwart the attack. SELinux is the only thing that protects the host file system from attacks from inside of the container. If the processes inside of the container get access to a host file and attempt to read and write the content SELinux will check the access […]"

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"How much net work could a network work, if a network could net work?" :-)

Gotta love fortune <>

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This is beautiful.
The Compound Interest Periodic Table of Data by @compoundchem Fancy version updated for four newly named elements

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I guess this may be one of John Oliver's best pieces at Last Week Tonight.
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