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Trying to Motivate Sixth Grade
Sixth grade gets some SERIOUS "senior-itis" by this time of the year. They're really too cool for school and getting them excited (particularly when you see them at the very end of the day  like I do) is  feels nearly impossible.   I'd decided at the end of...

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Sweet Little Flower Paintings
I wrote about this lesson three years ago, and it's pretty much a late April/early May "must do" lesson in my class.  They're just ADORABLE: My kinders are great with scissors again this year, so we used our extra time to make some adorable cards.  We had a...

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R. E. S. P. E. C. T.
Oh, friends.  The end of the year is near, and we're all feeling the siren call of summer.  I've seen so many vents/worries/comments lately about an overall feeling of no respect for what we do.  Questions about "is it my age?" "Is this just the way it is?"...

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Last Kiln Firing Of The Year
It seems like every year I feel like the school year is going on and on and then suddenly TIME'S UP.  While I didn't wait until the very last minute to get all the clay projects done, ( looking at you, 2016 ), I did feel a twinge of worry about getting it a...

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Some Things That Are Working (And A Few Things That Aren't)
Mid way through this school year, some clay issues popped up.  Art teachers is several buildings were having issues with clay projects cracking completely in two as they dried, the clay texture straight out of the bag was odd. . .Our clay supplier had switc...

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"I'm a Really Good Dancer."
Nothing like spending your day with kids.  Yesterday (or was it the day before?) I had kindergarten lined up in the hall for their teacher and the student at the end of the line was gettin' DOWN: spinning, hip-shaking, groovin'.  All silently.  He spun arou...

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Maybe I Need To Change My Definitions????
While I was working on my signs for the art show, I sent an email to my staff asking for "old, yucky crayons."  Several staff members responded, and I'm STILL getting crayons from people (and I soooo appreciate it).  But, maybe my definition is vastly diffe...

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2017 Art Show, In the Books
It was epic, friends!  I think we had our best turnout EV-AH, and if I wasn't exhausted I'd be more detailed, but here's some photos from last night: Art work glued to black roll paper and ready to hang. Sixth grade Africa-inspired work Some kindergarten wo...

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Mad Love for Monet
I know, I know, I know, I post about this lesson every year .  But REALLY, what's not to love???? Heres this year's kindergartners painting: And here they are finished and hanging in preparation for the art show that's only a WEEK AWAY: This year's art show...

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Black Metallic Clay Mask Magic
Somewhere someone invented this lesson.  It wasn't me.  I don't even remember when or where I saw it first, and I've never carried out this lesson until this year.  My fifth graders have been learning about four artists: Paul Klee, Joan Miro, Pablo Picasso ...
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