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I was searching the Internet on how to allow users in a company to iChat with other users while away from the office. I thought using iChat would work if connected using Apple's OS X Server VPN service. Well, that didn't go well. Found out it doesn't pass Bonjour Multicast. After not finding much on how to make this happen, other then a very complicated OpenVPN setup I stumbled across WeDeBugYou. They offered a very inexpensive way by using a Virtualbox. I was very skeptical at first because of the low price and the fact that it would be an out-of-my country purchase. I continued looking on the net for answers. Finally, after not coming up with anything reasonable I decided to contact this company because the purchase link didn't actually work at the time! After some discussions we decided to give it a try so I set up a test machine and started working on this project. My skepticism was immediately put to rest on how knowledgeable Jean was…..the owner of WeDeBugYou. He had a very methodical plan and set up a test within a short time. After that "beta" phase we rolled it out to a few users. Made some more adjustments and now rolled it out to many more users. So far it is working extremely well. It does everything I wanted PLUS I will probably end up using it as our main VPN. Especially liking that it can hand out a specific range of ip's I give it from our private ip range. All in all Jean and WeDeBugYou are wonderful. I highly recommend! Pros - Inexpensive. Great technical support and knowledge. Customizable. Maintenance free. Works with my LDAP OS X Mavericks Server. Cons - A delay in support due to 6 hour time difference.
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