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Goldy Locks
Former pro wrestling personality and touring musician, Goldy Locks, is Ameri- ca‟s real everywoman
Former pro wrestling personality and touring musician, Goldy Locks, is Ameri- ca‟s real everywoman

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The week in #Titusville brought many cool experiences. There's so many extras in doing this business.

If you ever dread #Mondays, why not get with Missy List Wescoat, Jen Pilewski or myself? Ask us how spending 20 bucks can be the best investment of your life. :-)

I feel like you all are sisters I never had! THANK YOU for setting ALL of this up Jen Pilewski!!!!!!

#GoldyLocks #GoldyLocksFitness #GoldyCares #GoldyKnows

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What can I say about the Advocaring this last week in #Titusville PA?! Other than AWESOME!!!! The whole week was AMAZING! I can't believe some products I started taking 15 years ago lead to SO many wonderful friendships, fitness tweaks and even making some people in the town some extra fuel on the finances! YES!!!

Thank you, Missy List Wescoat for opening your restaurant Missy's Arcade Restaurant AGAIN to have so many people come hang out, chill, listen and ask questions. Your BRAND is the bomb girl!!!

#GoldyLocks #GoldyLocksFitness #GoldyCares #GoldyKnows #TitusvillePA #JenPilewski #MissyWescoat
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Reminding everyone that The Goldy lockS Band LOVES to come take special Pups & Pusses for a RIDE!

#LetsTakeARide at a shelter near you. We love it!

Have you left a comment yet and liked our YouTube video? Please go to the above link and help a band out that busts butt and gives back. XOXO

#GoldyLocks #GoldylockSBand #GoldyKnows #GoldyCares

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Taken at Tooties North Minneapolis, MN.

I asked my dad to get together some clothes and hats. Without hesitation he did. My father has always gone along 1000% with any of my photo ideas or impromptu shoots I ask him to do.

Many people, dads esp would have no time for shenanigans. Not my dad. He's always game.

And I have these beautiful self-portraits to last the rest of my life.

Dad's, MEN, if you are reading this, the nest time someone asks you to do a selfie, or jump in a shot, would you do it please? You just never know what day will be your last. Treasure it.

I treasure the people from my hometown Northside ride hood greatly. I have learned a lot from them and always remember where I come from.

Angel Adams I hold you in that category, my dear friend. Brea Z Hawkes you were a few miles away, but the same. Midwestern values are hardcore and the people who live them.

Love you, G.

#GoldyLocks #GoldyKnows


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Happy Father's Day dork. Love your kid.

#TomTheConservative get online and answer your mail!!!!

#GoldyKnows #GoldyLocks
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What a night last night! The Levee at the River House was EXQUSIT!!!

Thanks Tom Nutgrass for pulling this off! You never cease to amaze me!!!!! Woooo!!!

Ken Karlen, your dance moves are the bomb! Stephanie Samuels Karlen, girl you are as beautiful as they come. And Jeremy why can't I tag you!!!!?????????

Pamela Stringfield you KEEP coming!!!! AHHHH!!!! XOXOX
Melody, THANK YOU FOR filming!!!!!!

Thank you everyone!!!!!!! The staff ROCKED!!!

#GoldyLocks #GoldyKnows #GoldyLocksBand #TheLevee #TheLeveeOnTheRiverHouse #Levee
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Can't WAIT to get to Missy's Arcade Restaurant to talk some BI'NESS with the #Titusville #GoldenPeeps! Some of my FAVORITE people!

Hit up these two ladies about HOW they are getting more and more healthy, stronger and more AMAZING by the day! Even making some cash doing it! YES!!!

Missy, YOU need the energy cooking all of those INCREDIBLE meals EVERY day at your world famous #Restaurant #Diner #TouristAttraction!!!

Jen Pilewski how you teach what you teach... forget it! I'll just go sing a song! Lol

You all ROCK!!! Can't wait!!!!!

#GoldyLocks #GoldyLocksFitness #GoldyKnows #GoldyCares #MissyWescoat #JenPilewski #TitusvillePA

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Wick's Pizza Parlor #NewAlbany Here we come!

#SaturdayNight it is ON!

Can I tell you about this place's #PIZZA!!! Hello!

Eat, Drink and be #Golden with all of us THIS Saturday Night!

Goldy lockS Band We can't wait to see you!!!!!

#GoldyLocks #GoldylockSBand #GoldyKnows #GoldylockSRocks #LiveMusic #RockBand #PartyBand #WicksPizza #NewAlbany


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SHARING what I do AND what I take. XOXO

#PreWorkout is Spark
Added #Thermoplus (burns approx 300 calories sedentary)

Warm up
3 sets of 40 weighted 40 lb crunches
4 sets of 20 weighted leg lift crunches

4 sets side delt arm raises 15lbs
Followed by drop set of
12 push ups
1 min plank
10, 20 lbs Russian Twists legs raised

2. Front dumbell 15lb raises INCREASE sets to 20 per set and repeat all of the Dropsets.

* Popped a Rehydrate Gell! And watched man STILL staring at himself in the mirror doing NOTHING!

4. Upright front barbell raise
Dropset 30lb Arnold Dumbell Press (8 reps or to exhaustion)

30 min #stairmaster
30 min #treadmill

#GoldyLocks #GoldyLocksRocks #GoldyKnows #GoldyCares #GoldyLocksFitness #Entrepreneur #Entrepreneurs #Hustler #Hustler #DirectSales #Boss #GoldylockSBand #wealth #worksmarter #HealthyLiving #WomenWhoLift #GymLife #RockStar #Artist #TVPersonality #OnCameraPersonality #TVHost #NashvilleFitness #NashvilleTrainer #NashvilleGym 

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Special thanks to Amy Bridenbaugh for orchestrating a BEAUTIFUL surprise birthday party for Michael Puwal. What a fantastic time! You're on and a million girl!

Mike had so many awesome guests I FINALLY got to meet. Including one hot drummer who played on some songs when I first got to town. Bad @$$!!!!!

#GoldyLocks #GoldyLocksRocks #GoldylockSBand #GoldyKnows #MichaelPuwal
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