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Udaya Soundari was here...

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Singaporean Star in Sablayan
Soundari, the actress-host from Singapore, is the latest celebrity guest who
came to Sablayan and experienced the places and faces this trailblazing town in
Occidental Mindoro has to offer. And who am I to refuse her begging to pose for
a photo with m...

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Of St. Blaise and Fishbone
A fishbone was stuck deep in my throat two weeks
ago and believe me when the wound is infected, it’s so excruciatingly painful.
After accidentally swallowed a bone of a fish locally called bugaong, I paid no attention to it
believing that it was already dis...

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Pacquiao-Marquez 5 in the Philippines?

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Manny Pacquiao’s Swansong: A Philippine Tourism Attraction
after Bob Arum’s announcement of Manny Pacquiao’s world tour this year, the
latter also disclosed his plan to fight his nemesis Juan Manuel Marquez here in
the Philippines before the end of the year. In case Juan Manuel Marquez is agreeable
to Pacqu...

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Missing James Taylor and the War on Drugs
Taylor and his songs were part of my adolescent years but I do not mind him
cancelling his February 25 concert at Manila’s Mall of Asia. I am not used to
live musical concerts for I cannot afford it. The five-time Grammy award winner
and singer-compos...

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The Speech I never gave.

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Today’s Filipino Youth Amidst Impoverishment
The Speech I
never gave. --------- I am more than proud to be with you today on the
occasion of the 3 rd Expanded Students’ Grants-In-Aid Program for
Poverty Alleviation (ESGP-PA) Regional Assembly with the student stakeholders
or grantees (I refuse to call...

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Bishop Francisco Claver and Martial Law
The Philippine Catholic Church indeed suffered
under Martial Law. Priests and nuns were arrested, jailed and tortured by the Marcos’
military and even convents and seminaries administered by religious
congregations were raided and ransacked. The Church grea...
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