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I love summer.
I love the beach.
I love this kid!

Phone went for a nice swim in the pool today. So far that's been the only bad part of vacation though. Loving Gatlinburg, Tennessee!

New camera? Me gusta. Me gusta mucho.

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O.O They released it. HUZZAH!

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Oh, Barack, you silly goose.

At D.A.R.E. Day today:
Me: Let this girl play on your team please.
Boy: Fine. (Shows girl who is on his team, storms back over and smacks a basketball out of my hand and takes it.)
Me: You wanna give that back now?
Boy (with attitude): Not until you say sorry for putting that girl on my team.
Me: You seem to have forgotten who you are, so let me remind you. You are a four-foot-tall 10-year-old that I am in charge of. Give me the ball NOW.

He gave me the ball and walked away quietly. Kids... :)

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I want it!
WHOA!! Need this now.....

Guess who has a permit?

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Having waaaaay to much fun with today's Google doodle...
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