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Anthony Pellegrino

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Giddy with excitement for the release of #moto360 ... Can't wait to [hopefully] be wearing one soon!!
The wait is almost over.
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what if they do a package deal for a new moto x and moto 360? will you get both?
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Anthony Pellegrino

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Best. Post. Ever.
Since I updated my Nexus 4 to 4.3.. I've been having A LOT OF PROBLEMS, it is too smooth, too fast and too furious for my liking, and the battery life just pissed me off, it too good. I don't like that. #FuckingHateMyNexus4   #sarcasm   
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Anthony Pellegrino

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Watch the video «Billy Idol - White Wedding» uploaded by jpdc11 on Dailymotion.
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Anthony Pellegrino

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#gameofthrones   WTF  JUST HAPPENED?!
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LOL #youknownothing  
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Anthony Pellegrino

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Checking out the photosphere after class
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Anthony Pellegrino

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Anthony Pellegrino

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Life of an #Android Flash-a-holic:

Scene 1: in the car going to a 2-year old birthday party.

Wife - what's the directions again..?
Me - Hold on, I'm down loading the latest nightly.

Wife - Check your email, what is the address again?
Me - Hold on my Android is Upgrading

Scene 2: at the party.

Other Dad - Ok I'm calling your number, just text me back your number.
Me - hum, looks like the latest nightly didn't boot again.

Wife - hurry take a picture of the baby.
Me - hold on, I'm flashing the phone back to 8/6.

Wife - What time is it?
Me - it's 4:10
Wife - 4:10?! We left the house at 4, we've been here for 3-hours, it must be at least 6.!
Me - humm, looks like I don't have data, gotta pull my Sim card and reboot.

Scene 3: going home

Kid - Daddy can I play some angry birds?
Me - Hold on my Android is Upgrading.

Wife - and you want me to get an Android?
Me - yes dear...
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Anthony Pellegrino

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That awkward moment when you're torn between not using a feature you don't want or using it because it's awesome that you can.
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Yeah, I don't think anyone has ever had that dilemma. 
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Does anyone know if there is a way to attend an event right from Google now?

Would be cool to be able to mark that you are attending a recommended event and have the information automatically put in your calendar/have its own Google now card!
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No such luck. Oh well.
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Anthony Pellegrino

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Is there any way to get photosphere back on vzw gnex or nexus10? The cm10.1 camera is cool but if I had to choose I have more use for #photosphere than voice activation and hdr
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FYI I had issues installing the .apk so I deleted gallery2 and flashed the latest gapps. That worked perfectly.
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Anthony Pellegrino

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Latest XDA News! Use Android MTP on Linux - Starting with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, the OS switched to MTP from USB Mass Storage mode for access to the device's storage via USB. MTP stands for Media Transfer Protocol, and it carries several benefits over USB Mass Storage. Unlike the latter, MTP allows you to simultaneously access the storage on both the device as well as the computer. Also, with MTP, corrupt file transfers are theoretically much less probable. While...
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Anthony Pellegrino

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Step by step guide to earning my #vote in #2016:

1. BACK THE FUCK OFF #RELIGION  . this is 2012 (will be 2016). there have been way too many horror movies about religious zealots, and to be honest, some of you scare me.

2. Social issues: Stop trying to go in reverse. Just hit the breaks. I'll even permit you to come to a complete stop. I understand that you don't like certain policies that were put in place over the last 4 years. I understand that you won't like certain policies that will be put in place over the next 4 years. But seriously, our nation changes. Technology changes. Science changes. 4 years ago I was a huge pussy. I like to think that I've changed. You can change too. Roll with the progression, halt it if you must. But please, rather than focusing on reversing policies, focus on procrastinating. It might even help you with the college/higher educated vote. We love procrastination.

3. Have an economic plan: I'm totally down to support an alternate economic plan, but not just because you say that it's different. Tell me what it is. I like the results that you said you would get -- booming economy, America more appetizing to business, etc... but have a more firm plan to get there besides "lowering taxes." Impress me. I like graphics. and numbers. I really like numbers. Real numbers though, not ones that you make up.


Following these steps will greatly increase your chances of earning my vote. I like change -- so please, change my mind.
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Just a boy trying to become a man <3
Bragging rights
marathon, Crossfit, boom.
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Crossfit Anthony: 8/19/11 - "Isabel"

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Crossfit Anthony: 8/18/11 - WOD - DL + "Annie"

8/18/11 - WOD - DL + &quot;Annie&quot;. Only one WOD today - It&#39;s a main site rest day so I did the WOD at my box. 2 parts: 1 - Reach 1R

Quick, convenient service and gets our stuff clean! we wouldn't go anywhere else!!
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The Atlantic Center was my first experience with acupuncture. I was a bit nervous and didn't really know what to expect but Rob is totally professional, well-educated, and really knows what he is doing. I am happy to say it was an extremely positive experience and I really looking forward to continuing my care there!!
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Dr. Grant and Sam are some of the most servant-heated people I've ever met. Their passion and knowledge have lead me to trust them with the health of my family. A++++++ would recommend.
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Dr. Josh and Ashley are some of the most servant-hearted individuals that I know. Also, their chiropractic care is revolutionary and is exactly what I need for me and my family. Love them!
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Amazing chiropractors who love to serve people in their office. So much different than any other chiropractor i've ever been to - whenever I step foot in the office I can feel what a difference is being made in the world!!
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