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+World Population Day, July 11, Focus is on " Investing in Young People"

On 11 July, as communities everywhere observe World Population Day, +UNFPA is calling for investments in support of the largest-ever generation of youth.

Today’s 1.8 billion young people are shaping social and economic realities, challenging norms and values, and building the foundation of the world’s future. Yet too many young people continue to grapple with poverty, inequality and human rights violations that prevent them from reaching their personal and collective potential.
Safeguarding the rights of adolescents and youth and investing in their future is essential to their development and that of their families, communities and countries. Providing quality education, decent employment, effective livelihood skills and access to sexual and reproductive health, including comprehensive sexuality education, will ensure that every young person’s potential is fulfilled.

, #WorldPopDay, #WPD2014, #InvestinginYoungPeople, #July11, #InternationalDay
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The best teaching the brightest - +General Electric

The best technology is never enough on its own. See how GE trains the local liquefied gas industry in Jandakot, Western Australia.

#TheBrightest , #BestTeaching, #InvestingInYoungPeople,
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+International Day of Cooperatives, 5 July.
2014 Theme is 'Cooperative Enterprises Achieve Sustainable Development for All

Message by ILO Director-General Guy Ryder: “Cooperatives for sustainable development"

Cooperatives are an old idea, but one that is more relevant than ever if we look ahead at the development challenges and opportunities the world faces over the coming decades.

#InternationalDay, #CooperativesDay, #july5, #InternationalDayofCooperatives2014, #IDC, #AchievingTheSDGs, #SustainableDevelopment, #5thOfJuly, #Entrepreneurships
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To commemorate World Refugee Day this month, UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie paid her fourth visit to the refugee camps in northern Thailand.

At Ban Mai Nai Soi camp, she met three generations in the family of Baw Meh, a Karenni refugee who fled Myanmar's Kayah state in 1996.

Watch the video here:
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The International Day of Cooperatives is observed each year on the first Saturday of July.  +WorldwatchInst 

Further highlights from the study:

° An estimated 7 percent of Africans belong to a co-operative, and their numbers are growing rapidly. The number of co-ops registered in Uganda, for example, grew 13-fold between 1995 and 2008—from 554 to nearly 7,500. Savings and credit co-operatives in particular are thriving in Africa.
° Co-ops can generate a meaningful share of economic output: 21 percent in Finland, 17.5 percent in New Zealand, 16.4 percent in Switzerland, and 13 percent in Sweden.
°In some countries, a sizable share of the population—up to 70 percent in Ireland—belongs to a co-operative of one sort or another.

#CooperativeBusinesses  , #Co_ops  , #CreditCooperatives#InternationalDayOfCooperatives  
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Ban KI-moon  announces start of ‘UN70’, worldwide celebration of Organization’s anniversary. +United Nations 

The sixteen month commemoration will culminate on the 70th anniversary of the entry into force of the UN Charter – 24 October 2015 – the day now celebrated as United Nations Day. The Charter came into force on this late October day in 1945, when China, France, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, the United States and a majority of the other signatories filed their instruments of ratification.

, #worldwidecelebration , #StrongUNbetterWorld ,
‪#‎UNCharter‬, ‪#‎WeThePeoplesOfTheUnitedNations‬, ‪#‎UN70‬, ‪#‎Anniversary‬, ‪#‎October24‬, ‪#‎InternationalDay‬, ‪#‎UnitedNationsAt70‬
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The State of the World’s Forest Genetic Resources 2014.

Urgent action is needed to conserve and sustainably manage forest genetic resources Forest genetic resources are the heritable materials maintained within and among trees and other woody plant species that are of actual or potential economic, environmental, scientific or societal value.

Related links:;;

Topics: #Forestgovernance, #Forestinformation, #Forestmanagement, #Forestrestoration , #Forestconservation, #Forestry. #ForestGeneticResources2014
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Don't pass the salt: how you could help solve the desalination dilemma?

"The challenge invites researchers, companies, institutes, consultants, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and inventors to submit ideas that identify new solutions that will lower the cost of desalination. " +General Electric  +World Water Day, 22 March 
#GeneralElectricreports, #dontpassTheSalt ,#desalinationDilemma, #Desalinisation, #WaterScarcity, #WaterResources,
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World Population Day 2014, July 11.
World Population Day , 11 July. Día Mundial de la Población, 11 de julio. Всемирный день народонаселения ,11 июля 世界人口日 , 7月11日. Journée mondiale de la population, 11 juillet.   اليوم العالمي للسكان, 2014 Theme: Investing in Young People . 2014 Tema : Invir...
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World Population Day, 11 July. Día Mundial de la Población, 11 de julio. Всемирный день народонаселения,11 июля 世界人口日, 7月11日. Journée mondiale de la population, 11 juillet.  اليوم العالمي للسكان, 2014 Theme: In...
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20th United Nations International Day of Cooperatives, July 5
International Day of Cooperatives , 5 July. Международный день кооперативов, 5 июля. Día Internacional de las Cooperativas ,5 de julio. Journée internationale des coopératives, 1er samedi de juillet. اليوم الدولي للتعاونيات , يوليو 5 国际合作社日 , 7月6日. The glob...
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International Day of Cooperatives, 5 July. Международный день кооперативов, 5 июля. Día Internacional de las Cooperativas,5 de julio. Journée internationale des coopératives, 1er samedi de juillet. اليوم الدولي للتعاونيات ,...
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Global Sustainable Development Report Building the Common Future We Want - Executive Summary (2nd version)
+United Nations Economic and Social Council-ECOSOC UN-DESA, 2014

The Rio+20 outcome document (paragraph 85k) calls for a Global Sustainable Development Report, in order to bring together dispersed information and existing assessments and to strengthen the science policy interface at the high-level political forum on sustainable development (HLPF).

The 2012 Secretary General’s High-level Panel on Global Sustainability had a similar proposal. Following Rio+20, the UN Secretary-General tasked the Division for Sustainable Development of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs to undertake "in-depth analysis and evaluation of trends and scientific analysis in the implementation of sustainable development, including lessons learned, best practices and new challenges, and cross-sectoral analysis of sustainable development issues".

It was decided to produce a “prototype” report that could illustrate a range of potential content, alternative approaches and various ways of participation. The prototype report will be useful in supporting Member States’ deliberations on the scope and methodology of future editions of the Global Sustainable Development Report. The report should ideally inform the agenda and deliberations of the HLPF, the General Assembly and ECOSOC on sustainable development.
#GlobalSustainableDevelopment , #HLPF
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Enhancing the socioeconomic benefits from forests. The State of the World's Forests 2014. #Farmlands, #Pastures, #Forestry, #Vegetation, #ForestsSpecies, #Forests2014, #ForestConservation. #StateOfTheWorldsForests  
#DidYouKnow? At least 1.3 billion people, or 18% of the world's population, live in houses built of #wood.

#Forests and #trees are a source of shelter, food, energy and employment for millions of people. Find out more in FAO's "State of the World's Forests 2014":
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The best teaching the brightest

The best technology is never enough on its own. See how GE trains the local liquefied gas industry in Jandakot, Western Australia.

Membership in Co-operative Businesses Reaches 1 Billion | Worldwatch Ins...

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