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My car radio this morning ...

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Fun little thing I put together this morning ...

Adjective+Noun = Often amusing domain name :)

Amazon tablet looks pretty nice! Anyone want to buy an HP touchpad + accessories before it goes on ebay tonight?

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Had my first play with OnLive (which just became available in the UK) last night, came away with mixed feelings...

My experience was actually pretty much the opposite of what I thought it would be... the input lag didn't annoy me nearly as much as i imagined it would (definitely more noticeable in first person than third person games though).

The thing i was surprised to find myself disliking the most was the video compression, the visuals had a tendency to get slightly smeary and muddy when a lot of action was taking place, which wasn't helping in a game like space marine, where i was trying to pick out distant dark-green enemies against a brown background, maybe more colourful games wouldn't be so bad!

Will definitely be spending some more time with it in the future though, especially since they want to give me my first game for £1!

Would be interested to hear the thoughts of others who have tried it, does the compression bug you? How about lag issues? Recommendations would be welcome for which game I should burn my discount on, are there any that work especially well on the service?

Would love a poster of this, Dune is one of my favorite books!

At last, Touchpad Get!

Carphone warehouse are idiots, delivered my touchpad to a store that is closed even after I realised their mistake and supposedly got it changed. WOFTAM

Really want an HP touchpad, doesn't look like either my amazon or carphone warehouse orders have worked :( Sadtimes :(

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Just got my first nibble box from , at least *slightly* healthier than my usual snacks, and tasty! :)

If any UK peoples want to try, you can use the code QDVYFJ9 when you sign up, gets your first box free and second half price :)
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