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The Long and Twisty Path of Life, Love and Crazy Relationships
Here I am, sitting here in this tin can of a piece of crap double wide, sweating my life away on the first of my 2 days off from the job where I make some corporation money every other day of the week, including Sunday.  Which, by the way, in 2 years, I've ...

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Cranky Musings-July already
It's been quite a while since I last posted to the blog.  Life is a blur most days around here.  Thoughts swirl around in my head with little time to focus on any one thing.  Routine is key these days, it's the only way things get done.  No thanks to the lo...

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Life Goes On...
And the rest of the daily drivel. It's more of the same old dirt, just in a different pile around here.  It's always been a struggle, right from day one of this little adventure.  First, it was fight the drunk while everything I've built was being torn down...

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Lost the Thought
Well...... I started a post last week.  Had all kinds of thoughts and such in it.  Had to head out to the off farm job so I hit the save button, thinking it was all good and I'd just come back to it.  Yah right.  Gone.  Poof.  Nothing.  That figures "sigh",...

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Rough Days
  This is Lil Sister.  I brought her into this world myself via c-section, back in 2011.  I raised her and I loved her.  Sis got sick this winter.  Bad sick.  I thought she was getting better but the weather changed, she picked up a respiratory infection an...

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Homesteading and Self Reliance
There's at least a thousand reasons why people think about and take the leap toward self reliance and or homesteading.  Some do it for enjoyment, others do it out of necessity.  For me, it is a little of both. This small farm is rough.  It's been that way f...

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Our First Soap Giveaway
Looks like I'll just be sending one package of soap out this coming week, thank you Rosetta for your support!

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Macaw Raffle Winner
Congrats to Pam M, she won the raffle of the Macaw couch throw over at Self Sustained Living yesterday!

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Farm Update-1-12-15
Brrr, it's cold!  Hard to imagine a farm full of garden or animal babies bouncing around when it's just this miserable outside.  It's coming tho!  Just a few weeks and the seed starting will commence.  Babies are coming with lionhead bunnies being first.  I...

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January Blanket Raffle
This Macaw couch throw (3'x5') still has 7 days left on the raffle and only 2 people in on the raffle.  The odds are still good!  $10 an entry or 3 entries for $20, enter via the paypal button over at Self Sustained Living    Good luck!
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