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Join us 4/14 for our #DropTheMic 2nd round auditions at 6pm
This is a judged competition with a panel of three judges for the first two rounds and then audience participation votes will count with the judges. All songs and performances must be original material we allow no cover bands or singers at all. -There will be 3 prizes and are as follows:
*1st prize: free 4 hour recording studio time to make a demo
*2nd prize free 2 hour recording studio time to make a demo
*3rd prize: free lunch once per week for 12 months at Serendipity.
*Prizes cannot be transferred and studio time must be scheduled
-Come show us what you got and win a chance to make your demo πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
*Also...There has been a change to our Drop The Mic event as we now have both music license in tow we will allow covers to be performed.ο»Ώ

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Race weekend begins and these are our specials for Thursday and Friday 3/30-3/31

Breakfast 7am-11am:

2 sausage or bacon biscuits $2.50
Biscuit and Gravy $1.50
French toast $3.50
All tall lattes iced it hot $2.00

Lunch and dinner 11am -7pm:

Any gourmet sandwich or wrap with side and tea $6.99

Family meal-2 gourmet sandwiches or wraps with side and tea and 2 kids meals $18.99

Deluxe meal- 4 gourmet sandwiches or wraps with 4 sides and 4 teas $24.99

4 double shot espressos $6.99
4 medium lattes $15.99 make them large for $18.99
4 strawberry blast smoothies $14.99
4 large frappes any flavor $16.99

We also have our value menu starting at $4.99ο»Ώ
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Don't forget to #SpringForward this Sunday 3/12/17. #daylightsavingtimeο»Ώ

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9 reservations available
We will be taking reservations until Friday 2/10/17 for our Valentine's Day Special Dinner and reservations are required, we also we will be closing at 3:00 pm and will begin serving our special dinner at 6:00 pm and end service at 9:00 pm. This will be seated service and orders taken at your table.
Fresh made mini crab cakes with our roasted raspberry chipotle sauce $10.99
Sweet Onion and Swiss Cheese Dip served with warm seasoned bread sticks $8.99
Roasted tomato, Parmesan and balsamic bruschetta $8.99
Bacon wrapped Avocado slices served with our homemade dill dressing $8.99
Pear Walnut Gorgonzola Salad with our own honey Balsamic dressing: 1/2 salad $7.99 whole salad $11.99
Herbed Rolled Goat Cheese Salad served with our own honey balsamic dressing: 1/2 salad $7.99 whole salad $11.99
Salmon salad with our own herbed dill dressing: 1/2 salad $7.99 whole salad $11.99
Chicken Brie- oven seared sliced chicken breast topped with Brie cheese, sliced roasted almonds and apricot preserves served with your choice of 2 sides $18.99
London Broil with compound bleu cheese butter and your choice of 2 sides $17.99
Mediterranean Topped Salmon- Kalmata olives, roasted red peppers, feta cheese and cherry tomatoes served atop our baked Alaskan Wild Caught Salmon with your choice of 2 sides $16.99
Oven Seared Sea Scallops with Cilantro Gremolata and herbed butter served with your choice of 2 sides $19.99
Spaghetti with Asparagus, smoked mozzarella and prosciutto topped with Alfredo sauce with your choice of 2 sides $15.99
white cheddar cheese mashed potatoes
Braised Parmesan crusted asparagus
Baked potato
Marmalized Glazed Carrots
Orange Sweet potato soufflΓ©
Creamy Braised Brussel sprouts with toasted almonds
Nutella and Banana Crepe $5.99
Strawberry with sweetened mascarpone cheese Crepe $6.99
Chocolate dipped strawberries and sweeter cream cheese Crepe $6.99
Red Velvet Cake $4.99
Blueberry Brie and Honey Crepe $6.99
Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Cake

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Operation Turkey Dinners in full swing #MerryChristmasο»Ώ

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Our new contest is absolutely a game changer and prizes are incredible. Here are the rules and contest information:
We are looking for you to shoot a commercial telling us why you love Serendipity Coffee House and Bistro. The commercial can involve props, video enhancements and of course lots of fun is a must , we do ask for it not to be over 30 seconds long. The winners commercial will be aired all year long on our Facebook page and will be submitted to three commercial contest. The contest will run from Dec 14th 2016-January 14th 2017 and the winner will be announced at our First Annual Chili Cook-off and their commercial will be shown. The following is a list of prizes for first, second and third place .
First prize- free food for a year that's right the first prize winner will receive 1 free meal per week for 52 weeks ( total meal limited to $12.00 per visit per week)
2nd prize- free lattes for a year that's right the second prize winner will receive 1 free Venti latte for 52 weeks (latte limited to $6.00 per visit per week)
3rd prize- a $100.00 dollar Serendipity Gift Card
Now those are great prizes and we are eager to see the entries we receive.
We must have a minimum of 12 entries for prizes to be awarded so share this with friends and family and let's see the creativity begin πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ο»Ώ

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Great Chili Cook off January 14th 2017. Want to enter your chili then contact us on our #Facebook page or call us at 276-403-4015. There is no entry fee required. We also have our judges selected and they are as follows:
Liz Eller Secrest- #Martinsville Uptown
Susan Aaron - #Carlisle School System
Charles Aaron-Attorney at Law
Paul Farrar- #Chef and Public Television Personality
Lots of fun to be had and lots of great Chili to taste. Come on And show us what you got.ο»Ώ

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Tuesday 12/6/16 specials:
Tomato Basil
Zuppa Toscana- our own organic kale, fresh Italian sausage, freshly grated Parmesan cheese simmered in a creamy broth (limited time only and $1.00 more per cup or bowl)
2 can dine for $9.99 all sandwiches and wraps with chips and tea
Grilled cheese and cup of soup $4.99*
Grilled cheese and bowl of soup $6.99*
Come see what you have been missing at Serendipity Coffee House and Bistroο»Ώ

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Here are actual pictures of our homemade baked goodies for 12/2/16. Available now until they are all gone πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸͺο»Ώ
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Made from scratch cranberry walnut muffins with a lemon glaze to come in a minute. Yum πŸ‘… Yum πŸ‘…ο»Ώ
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