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Midnight Oil is NOT an oil company!
Midnight Oil is NOT an oil company!

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Calvin beat me to this thought by like 20 years it looks like.

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This video is a good intro to basic logic. I have a had a very hard time trying to discuss things with people who are unable to comprehend that their logical structure is simply invalid.
It is okay to be wrong. But isn't okay to be wrong because you choose to ignore basic reasoning.

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I always thought it was LT that started it... I guess not. Although it was a Bill Parcells/Giants origin...

If Bill Parcells wasn't such an asshole there wouldn't be Gatorade showers.

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Some perspective on religion and extremism.
About 195 million Muslims worldwide support suicide bombing and other acts of violence against civilians. as Bill Maher has often suggested in his show, which some people are unwilling to listen to, he's not saying all Muslims are bad, and that all Muslims want violence... but that's quite a few Muslims do. We can't keep shrugging our shoulders, and acting as if this doesn't exist, or calling it racist or Islamaphobic to point it out. As we have witnessed in our own country, the more religious the region is, the more likely that region is to commit violent acts. to make it clear, I'm not saying that everyone that is religious is violent, I am saying that the more extremist religious groups are more likely to be violent, and we can't simply ignore it for "religious freedom."

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This is an interesting read, and it goes into how polls work. It explains why this poll looks so different than others, and it does so by exploring the background methodology of this scientific poll.

It may not be the most exhilarating read, but if you want to get an idea about how a poll can be scientific, but not necessarily predictive this article may help.

On a personal note, I think it is likely that Hillary has a lead among likely Caucus-goers, but the limited scope of this poll seems to provide a sample that is inaccurately small and I think the Caucus will be close.

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Important thing to note... Reagan was a staunch conservative, but even he could understand the basic principles under which Social Security operates... If only we had conservatives as knowledgeable and reasonable as Ronald Reagan today (statement more on modern conservatism than the merits of Ronald Reagan).
Reagan was such a socialist.;-) 

+Cliff Bramlett and I were having a discussion and I was going to respond to something he said, but he got angry and blocked me... can't say I am surprised... I was actually going to respond with the following, so if anyone wants to let him know that I was going to respond to his points and not simply dismiss his statements for not addressing mine feel free to let him know and/or put that up there (hint, it even involves me reviewing statements and discovering a factual error on my part):

+Cliff Bramlett 
1)  Cross Pollination DOES appear to be only a concern for famers. Monsanto relies on patents for protection of their product so they don't fear losing genetic material
2 and 3) Peanuts, riboflavin, saturated fats, etc.are already innocuously put on FDA labels (along with ALL of the ingredients gasp including things like artificial colors) 
4) If you, Monsanto, or anyone else is GENUINELY concerned about pesticides, appeal to the FDA to include it on labels. Anti-GMO people aren't demanding a scientific variant description for everything, and organic people aren't asking for a description of every chemical used. The labeling would be innocuous. FDA labeling is never overt. It requires some intent on the part of a consumer to find (e.g., I must turn over the box and read the fine print to get the riboflavin numbers... it is innocuous.

So, you got half of one point (item 1) because I didn't check on this because it is immaterial for anything I have ever been concerned about... since I am not a farmer and I do eat GMOs. Doesn't change my point about labeling at all, though (and also isn't a logical fallacy, it is a factual error).

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Stuff I've mentioned before (except the cloud city option, although it is interesting).

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