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Ireland on Google+ - Dirk Talamasca
Ireland on Google+ - Dirk Talamasca


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Jack Kerouac’s Hand-Drawn Map of the Hitchhiking Trip Narrated in "On the Road."
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The boundary of sanctuary at Skellig Michael in County Kerry.

The early-medieval cross carved into a stone pillar marked the entrance to the early medieval monastery on Skellig Michael. Even to this day it is certainly a welcome sight after the long climb up the stone steps. In the background you can see Little Skellig, home to a huge colony of gannets.

Skellig Michael is an absolutely wonderful place to visit, for more images and information please see our blogpost

#skelligmichael   #skelligislands   #sanctuary   #ireland   #countykerry   #irishhistoricalsites   #irishhistoryandheritage   #irisharchaeology   #kerry   #monastery   #monasteries   #worldheritagesite   #worldheritage  
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#BowlOfSoul   #Music   #Soul  

Old Soul Mix - Danny White, Don Bryant, Doris Allen, Ruby Johnson 
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Core Multipliers v12 | Thinking About Core Multipliers | Change #1

It's time to take our circle sharing up a notch in 2014!!!  You've heard me say that a few times this year and we will definitely get there soon... but first, let's start with some thoughts on all this...

1. Why Do We Circle Share?
I believe that from good reasoning comes good practice and practice creates good habits. Therefore, why should we as happy Core Multipliers share this circle?

Here are my reasons...
- Networking in a large group
- Connecting in small groups
- Engaging one on one

It is my belief that true relationships and connections do not start to form until individuals are connecting with one another in smaller groups and even deeper engagement happening 1 on 1.  We are doing an AWESOME job networking, but on a week to week basis, this circle share will NOT create lasting strong connections and deep engagement alone... And that's OK, for now.

2. Are You The Real You?
We ALL have been created with a personality, skilled to work in a particular industry, gifted to share something with few or many, but do I really know you?  Have you helped me to see the real you?  Is there something you give or can give to this world?

3. You Can Only Control You
I also believe strongly that I can only control what I do and therefore, I know it would be virtually impossible for me to manage and track 500 peoples levels of networking, connection and engagement.  With that said, if networking, connecting and engagement is the end goal, then measuring that can happen, but it needs structure to do it.

4. Simple is Better
KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid is all about keeping things simple enough all can understand and act on.  Whatever requirements and changes need to happen they can't be weighed down with unrealistic rules and requirements that squelch the excitement within a large circle share.

5. Mission & Purpose
Value is firmly connected with mission and purpose.  If you ascribe to the mission and purpose of any organization and it delivers on that, then you find value in it... If not, you see it as worth less.  The vast majority of circles created in the past and today have little mission/ purpose behind them and therefore are scrutinized accordingly. (mine included)

The bottom line in the next few weeks the above thinking and your feedback will create the structure for us to Network, Connect and Engage with each other in a simple, but meaningful way.

Let The Change Begin... Change #1
With that said, let's not wait too long to change... let's start with getting to know the real YOU!!!:

Your Profile - If we are to get to know you one of the quickest ways is for us to view your profile/ about page on G+.  Therefore, for you to be part of Core Multipliers in the future, you will need to have your profile/ about page filled out completely.

One person that has done a great job on their About page is +Scott Buehler -  His About page is a good example because...

- It is personal
You can really get to know Scott by the personal and professional tone that he added to his profile.

- It's informative
You not only get to know Scott personally, but also about what he has done in the past, what he currently does or can do for you in business, and what web properties he is active on.

- It's social
I know we all love G+, but Scott gives us a fair number of other platforms we can connect with him on... And we should connect with one another as much as we can or want.

- It's complete
Scott filled out all the information so that nothing is left out and that makes it so much easier to get to know him.

The Profile/ About page on G+ is just a start to getting to know someone, but for those in Core Multipliers, I think we can all agree it's a great place to start. 

Therefore, please add filling out your profile completely to the following short guidelines to being part of Core Multipliers

Core Multipliers Guidelines
- Share this circle publicly to stay in the circle
- If you want in the circle, share this circle.
- Don't forget to fill out your entire profile! :)
- No blue heads for profiles pics
- Have a great time in the circle!!!

Just so we are on the same page... About pages were NOT looked at this week, but will in the next, so please be sure to check yours out today.  Need some advice, post in the comments below and I am sure someone will be able to assist!

Enjoy this circle and have an awesome Monday!

*if you were somehow missed/ not included in this circle, please let me know and it will be corrected on the next share. My apologies ahead of time! :)

#coremultipliersv12 #coremultipliers #bestsharedcircle
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 #socialmediamarketing   #SharedCircle   #MondaySharedCircle   

To be included in my shares (#sharedcircle), be so kind to: 

1 - Do +1 t the post 

2 - Comment the post and specify your "category" (job or interest)  Ex: Fashion, SEO, Companies, Social Media Marketing, Sailing, Photography, Bloggers/Writers, Web graphics and design, Italy, Artists, Sport, Finance/Economy ... 

3 - Include the circle among your circles 

4 - Share the circle (include yourself) 

If you come accross Google error messages, incorporating my circles, please provide me the error, I'm classifying these errors.  

Have a wonderful weekend and a better popularity 

Keep yourself updated, enjoy the Shared Circles Hellenic Alliance, you can share your shared circles inside the upcoming Community:   

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Special mention to:
Edith Kukla   +Edith Kukla
Jasmina Brozović   +Jasmina Brozović
Marija Mijajlovic   +Marija Mijajlovic
Milan Pavlovic   +Milan Pavlovic
Daniela Calabrò   +Daniela Calabrò
Zara V   +Zara V
Raffaele Romeo Arena   +Raffaele Romeo Arena
Linda Dee   +Linda Dee
Dubie Bacino   +Dubie Bacino
Crazy Circles   +Crazy Circles
Riccardo Lemons   +Riccardo Lemons
Daniel Mihai Popescu   +Daniel Mihai Popescu
Marlo Angelo Tito   +Marlo Angelo Tito
Cesare Riccardo   +Cesare Riccardo
Tazein Mirza Saad   +Tazein Mirza Saad
Claude A Robinson III   +Claude A Robinson III
Raina R.   +Raina R.
Matteo Pelucchi   +Matteo Pelucchi
Santelia Emilia   +Santelia Emilia
Daniel Stock   +Daniel Stock
Mario Falcetti   +Mario Falcetti
Scott Buehler   +Scott Buehler
Dominique Keller   +Dominique Keller
Marta Tryshak   +Marta Tryshak
Katherine Vucicevic   +Katherine Vucicevic
Ludovic Moreeuw   +Ludovic Moreeuw
Jean-Marc Luna   +Jean-Marc Luna
Christine DeGraff   +Christine DeGraff
Ehsan Ahmadi Gharacheh   +Ehsan Ahmadi Gharacheh
Petra Honecker   +Petra Honecker
Rose T   +Rose T
Ed Ross   +Ed Ross
Dirk Talamasca   +Dirk Talamasca
Krishna Man Shrestha   +Krishna Man Shrestha
Salvatore Giannino   +Salvatore Giannino
Doroteya Delcheva   +Doroteya Delcheva
Marianne Sansum   +Marianne Sansum
Trever McGhee   +Trever McGhee
Merche Muñoz   +Merche Muñoz
Chadwick Halse   +Chadwick Halse
Viktor Mulin   +Viktor Mulin
annarita ruberto   +annarita ruberto
Sean Patrick Si   +Sean Patrick Si
Pam Dabney   +Pam Dabney
HeelsDay   +HeelsDay
Sam Stormborn Ormandy   +Sam Stormborn Ormandy
Silvia ZK   +Silvia ZK
Adam Nowlin   +Adam Nowlin
Hotel Marina Cinque Terre   +Hotel Marina Cinque Terre
Cindy Krum   +Cindy Krum
Danny Sullivan   +Danny Sullivan
Aleyda Solis   +Aleyda Solis
Carmilita Zotomayor-Riveral   +Carmilita Zotomayor-Riveral
AyJay Schibig   +AyJay Schibig
artisia starlight   +artisia starlight
Circloscope   +Circloscope
Paul Meulman   +Paul Meulman
Moan Lisa   +Moan Lisa
Violeta Jekova   +Violeta Jekova
Raquel Martin   +Raquel Martin
Jessica Erin B   +Jessica Erin B
Johnny Wood   +Johnny Wood
Katarzyna Szopa   +Katarzyna Szopa
Maria Morisot   +Maria Morisot
Emma Maxwell   +Emma Maxwell
Rome Heels   +Rome Heels
Valentina Biffi   +Valentina Biffi
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