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Solar Parking Lots
Measuring parking lots to calculate their capacity for electricity.
Measuring parking lots to calculate their capacity for electricity.


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Can I believe my eyes? 3 MW from only one shopping center in Wake
County? I'm double-checking, but yes folks, Beaver Creek Commons in
Apex has the capacity to generate 3 MW of electricity when you cover
those puppies with pv. Ok, so here's my guess-ti...

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Kickstarter project launched!

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Tips for Being Green
Hi all!  I was working in Dreamweaver CC for class and came across these tips as part of the exercises we're doing. The text is Dreamweaver CC Digital Classroom so I thought to include mention. Oh...  note:  the website is still up on the school's server, b...

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Solar Parking Lots NC Website Preview
The Solar Parking Lots NC website is being developed!  I hope to finish the initial setup by the end of this week and then begin massaging all those excel lists into csv files in the proper format to import into Google Maps.  And ArcGIS Online.  I plan to d...

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Sea level rise is starting to show up all over.......

By the time current children have children, there will be AT LEAST a 4-6 foot rise in sea level. 150 million people will be displaced at a 3 ft rise. Electricity supplies are affected at a 4 ft rise. Help me promote Solar Parking Lots. It'll keep us moving (electric vehicles if you please) while we accept and adjust.

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I've totaled up most of the chain stores in NC (wish I was using ESRI's Business Analyst to be sure this is all!) and I'll post a chart with the totals. Without including drug stores I've got 2089. That's a lot of parking lots to cover! (I'll get busy analyzing soon.) The heavy pavers are Food Lion with 853 stores (just NC!) Walmart with 168 stores in NC, Harris Teeter with 144 stores in NC and Lowes Home Improvement with 114 stores in NC.

donations accepted:

Still in school....  making progress & learning how to put up my own websites complete with databases, maps, user membership forms, well you get the picture!  Hopefully beginning the Master's in GIS next January...  that's the plan & I'm sticking to it!

In the meantime, I'm putting together some items and getting the all-important IRS stamp-of-approval ..........  Stay tuned!  grin

Busy with coursework this summer, but it's all good!  Stay tuned!  grin

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Hi All! It's #thinfilm Thursday! Learn more at and
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