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G+ needs more things with which you can waste time that you don't have.
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I have no doubt as the community grows, that such devices and apps will be coming. At this point I'm busy enough trying to get my pics uploaded to Picasa, and all my tunes onto Google Music. ;-)
I can't figure out how to just leave a comment on someone's page without having to respond to them, like if I just wanted to say hello...Any ideas?
Try entering text on your main page and then selecting a person or group by clicking on "Add circles or people to share with...". I think that'll post something on someone's site; not sure whether the public can then view that post on their page.
Cool I'll give it a shot...thanks. This doesn't feel as intuitive as FB did when i first started out - what do you think?
Brett is right. You need to think of the stream as an all purpose gateway. To use facebook equivalent terms: if you want to post a status update for all, just post it as public; if you want it to only be for certain groups, pick what circles (or people) you want to see the post. If you want to send it as a message/comment (ala a facebook email) to one particular person, you select that person, and only the two of you will be able to see that stream. It's not the usual way I think most of us are accustomed to thinking, but once you start doing it, it's fairly simple.
I stand by my original statement.
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