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Michelle Lowery Combs
Mother. Writer. Lover of Books.
Mother. Writer. Lover of Books.


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The Magic of a First Kiss
*This post originally appeared on Teatime & Books * “You
must remember this, a kiss is just a kiss…” Except for when it comes to a first
kiss. As all lovers will tell you, the magic in a relationship sparks or
fizzles with that first kiss. It is a dealmaker...

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The Marathon of Novel Writing
This post originally ran with World Weaver Press on March 8, 2017.

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Guest Post: Kelsey Ketch on Conducting Research
{GUEST POST} Kelsey Ketch on Conducting Research To quote Uncle from the Jackie Chan Adventure: I take these words very seriously. Whether working in the field (during my day job as a biologist), or learning about the settings, timelines, ecosystems, and my...

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Magic vs Miracle: Genie vs Golem
The countdown to the March 7th release of Solomon's Bell has begun! You can find me today in a guest post for Young Adult and New Adult Author Kelsey Ketch where I write about the mythos and folk figures you can expect more of in the book. Check it out! Mag...

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Worst Mom Day Ever
The day
I developed mastitis and my right breast swelled to the size of my head, I
thought I’d experienced my worst day as a mom. For any of you non-lactating
people out there, mastitis is a crazy painful inflammation of breast tissue
caused by a plugged mi...

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Waiting Isn't the Hardest Part
I have a sickle-shaped scar that bisects my left eyebrow--a permanent, physical reminder of what can happen when one does not heed the advice of another older and wiser person trying to spare them pain. At twenty years old I was newly married and, having sp...

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A tale from my commute to Birmingham...

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Cow Down!
I saw the carcass of a dead cow on Interstate 20 driving into work this morning: an entire 1,000 plus pound heifer laying cattywhompus across the fast lane during morning rush hour just six miles or so from Downtown Birmingham, Alabama. She gave me a fright...

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Beware the swears, but they're trying to kill me!

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A-hole Kids Have Lost Their Minds
According to many of today’s “mommy bloggers”, there’s
currently a worldwide epidemic of asshole children. Visit the kidsareassholes  blog, or the Mothers Against Asshole Kids and Kids Are Just Adorable Mini Assholes Facebook and Pinterest pages and you’ll ...
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