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Mitt Romney quotes on Lucille Bluth screens so you read it in her voice. One of the best things to happen to me this month. Enjoy.

DAMMIT BIOWARE! YOU KNOW THE SHORTEST ROUTE TO MY HEART! (Cue Mass Effect 3 making me cry like a little girl)

Just watched Bruce Bartlett (sp?) on the Daily Show. I really liked what I heard. There were some great quotes. This is a man who worked with Ronald Reagan who calls the current Republican party "insane" and said the Democrats "lack courage in their own convictions. He is a man after my own heart.

"Kill her! Then we will have pizza and margarita shooters!"
- Scorpius
(I am re-watching Farscape and loving every moment)

Via ConShalom!

Finally got around to watching "Jekyll". Dear god, why did I wait so long? I highly recommend it. Steve Moffat write at its best.

Just watched Elizabeth Warren on the Daily Show. God I love this woman. If Massachusetts does not elect her....well I can't say I will lose my faith in humanity since I have none but it will confirm my lack of it.

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Also, Jon Stewart is now running Stephen Colbert's Super PAC so he can run for president in South Carolina. But they are DEFINITELY NOT coordinating just so everyone is clear. (This is the best thing ever)

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Oh my god. Newt Gingrich basically pulled a "many of my best friends are black" in a speech.

God, I hate my life and wish I was dead.
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