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Does anybody know how to solve the "android.process.acore&oq has stopped working" issue?
I don't have Facebook on my mobile (LG G2 with Lollipop, btw) and I tried all the possible fixes I found online (disabling Google sync, wiping the address book...).
Google people: this seems to be a recurring problem and it looks like random apps cause it. Please find a cure!
Thanks. #android #android.process.acore #androidbug

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I just found a very annoying thing related to photo auto-backup on my mobile (Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus) : not only were my pics uploaded for backup (that's fine), they were also copied in some mysterious folder on my mobile's internal memory! I keep all my pictures on the SD card, what's the point in making local copies? The result was that my mobile got stuck, it kept on telling me I did not have enough storage space (hence no updates were installed).
I did not get it: despite not installing new things, I was losing space... Then I realised that the only thing I was doing was taking pictures. I tried all my photo apps and found out what the Google+ one was doing.
I manually deleted all local copies from the app (they are still saved on the card, I checked) and stopped the auto-backup.
I immediately gained almost 1Gb, no memory issues since.
Surely something to look into, developers? 

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Stuck, flight delayed. Bloody Alitalia. 

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L’Osservatorio Towers Watson Italia 2012: una buona occasione per confrontarci su come lo scenario socio-economico attuale influenza le prassi di remunerazione delle aziende. Per info e iscrizioni:

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Vi prego di condividere questo post.
È di un'amica e non è uno scherzo, purtroppo.

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If you're reading this on Google+ it means you are somebody who likes and embraces innovation, right?
Then why don't you join us at CREA this year? We'll be in beautiful Sestri Levante once again, sharing and learning new creativity techniques with hundreds of international people!
I'll be facilitating the "Creative Problem Solving - Thinking Skills" core programme, btw.

Can anybody spare me some energy? I think I have enough fuel for a few more days, then I'll have to park my brain for a while.
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