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Anyone know how to use embed code with NEW Google Sites. I want my students to embed their Scratch Games onto their ePortfolios. I know how to do it in the old sites. Can you do this in the new sites? Thanks!

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Where are Hangouts in the new G+?

How rude! Google just emailed me saying it is taking back my "bonus storage." Saying it was a promotion that will now expire. Now they want me to purchase more. Not gonna.

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Announcements say Unit 1 is available now. Where do I find it? Thx!

Middle School math and engineering design teacher on the Central Coast of California!  Hello!

I need help from any Google Gurus out there.  Our district switched domains for GAFE and and in our new domain students are not able to subscribe to my Google Calendar.  When they click +Google Calendar button on the bottom of my calendar on my Google Site, they get a window that asks which account do they want to use, but when they try to click on their account nothing happens?  Ideas anyone?  My IT department says it has no ideas....  :(    THANKS!
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