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Pam Rickard

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Just found out all of my Chromebooks will be obsolete next year because Google will stop updating. Not pleased. Talk about eWaste. Sad because these devices work great.

Anyone know how to use embed code with NEW Google Sites. I want my students to embed their Scratch Games onto their ePortfolios. I know how to do it in the old sites. Can you do this in the new sites? Thanks!

Where are Hangouts in the new G+?

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Announcements say Unit 1 is available now. Where do I find it? Thx!

Middle School math and engineering design teacher on the Central Coast of California!  Hello!

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First Day Of School Student Tech Survey
Every year on the first day of school, I ask my students to take a tech survey.  That way I can get an idea of what kind of tech they have available to them at home. Important because we don't let our students take home the school devices. I link to the sur...

Is there a youtube tutorial (or I'd settle for a written tutorial!) out there that explains how to use Doctopus Individual - Differentiated feature?  I want to know more about what it does/how to use.  Thanks!

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