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App Development  - 
An idea that came to me when discussing scratch in another post: does anyone know if there is an indexer for Vala with integrated support for granite built in? Like the equivalent of the MSVC/C# indexer with integrated support for all of the .NET framework? I think that its honestly one of the things Microsoft did well. Crossing referencing between the granite sources, the Vala documentation online, and the sources of a project I'm trying to contribute to all at once gets tedious and time consuming... :/ How do the elementary devs feel about a Vala indexer with built in/integrated granite support? Is such an indexer even possible given the fact that Vala compiles to C first?
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Frank Ottey

Building Discussion  - 
I recently finished a build and completed installing windows, mobo drivers and finally my nvidia driver when suddenly the machine slowed to a standstill.  I rebooted and got a "disk read error" and can no longer boot into windows.  Thoughts?

On a related note, my mobo is running around 33 degrees C.  The tower is unfortunately in a warmer area of my house, but is that still unusually high for idle temp?  If so, any recommendations?  I have three case fans running... 

Appreciate feedback.
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Out of the major components of a new PC build, if I had to pick something to totally fail, it would be the HD because it really is as simple as just getting a new one, then continue with your install. Once you get around to doing that, lemme know how it turns out. Good luck.
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Frank Ottey

General Discussion  - 
Hello everyone!  I'm a software engineering student that is searching for internship experience to make myself a better software engineer and more marketable to potential employers once I finish school.  The very best way to learn anything is by doing, so I come here with some questions:

1.  Where/how do you guys practice your skills.  Classroom experience is just that - classroom experience.  Are there books with practice problems and solutions or other resources that help one hone ones skills that you use?  Please share your tips!

2.  What programming "bibles" do you swear by?  For doctors its usually Gray's Anatomy (The book, not the TV show).  What are the 3 most important "bibles" in our field today according to you?

3.  Professional communities/real world experience.  Where can I go to get real world experience on a project.  Not a homework assignment, but a living, breathing thing.  I know that there are a lot of open source projects out there - how do you go about getting involved in them?  Especially as a newcomer?

Thanks for your time and consideration everyone!
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1. Definitely try to get a summer internship. It doesn't matter where, as long as you can do some kind of programming. Don't be too choosy. The important thing is to get work experience in programming. I was lucky enough to get an summer internship at AT&T in the summer before my senior year. After graduation, I contacted them and they gave me an offer. It was a great start to my career.

C How to Program by Deitel and Deitel

Design Patterns CD: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software by Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson, John Vlissides

Effective C++: 55 Specific Ways to Improve Your Programs and
Designs by Scott Meyers

Head First Java by Kathy Sierra, Bert Bates

Thinking in Java by Bruce Eckel (free online version:

3. If you can't get an internship, volunteer your services at a local school or club. You could maintain/develop their web site. They wouldn't expect much because you're volunteering. But you'd gain experience and have something to s_show off_.

Good luck.
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Frank Ottey

Discussion  - 
So... I may be betraying the levels of my geekdom/nerdiness with this post, but I was re-reading some Harry Potter and I couldn't help but wonder... "Can Fate Core do that?"  So I did some more thinking and I was like "maybe we could do it with the subjects as skills, so you would have a "Charms" skill, a "Potions" skill, a "Curses/Hexes" skill, a "Herbology" skill etc."  So... what do you guys think?  Can Fate Core do Harry Potter?  What are your thoughts on how to make it work?  Am I the only who thinks about these kinds of silly things?
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Might be worth giving each subject its own skill and a different scope of practice that limits the skill ability to 3 of the 4 actions.

Potions can create advantage, attack (by having someone else drink) or overcome obstacles (ala the gilly weed potion)

Charms can animate other objects to attack, create advantage, overcome obstacles

Transfiguration can overcome, create advantage, (maybe bonus to creating an obstacle), no attack and no defense

Create a defense against the dark arts skill for attacks, defense, and create advantage

How does this sound?

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Frank Ottey

Discussion  - 
So, there's been a lot of talk on how aspects shouldn't really be used as a denial of action, and I understand the impetus for that line of thinking and that this is a mechanically tricky subject.  In a Fate Game I'm hoping to get into, our characters have the ability to have talents (powers) we were going to model with extras.  For this purpose, let's say we were trying to port a powers akin to some form of mind manipulation into Fate Core.  How could that work?  I was thinking of an extra that could allow one to use the Will skill to create advantages, modeled as delusions, on targets with minds and have the character be able to compel those advantages as delusions.  The target(s) could resist by rolling Will as an overcome action to resist the delusion.  This use of Will to Create Advantage (the delusion power) by the PC would be limited to only those characters in the PC's zone.  I'm concerned that this runs a bit into the aspects "denying" action or "forcing" action for the NPC's and might be a bit too strong.  Does anyone have any thoughts, comments critiques or suggestions on how one might implement this power?  Maybe use stress tracks or consequences in some way?  Think the actions of Jason Stryker from the movie X-men United if that gives you a better reference frame or a blending of the Vampire the Requiem powers of Dominate, "Mesmerize" and "The Forgetful Mind"
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DFRPG treats soft mind control as Consequences: in the first place, Consequences have a negative connotations. They also provide the mind-controller with a free invocation and the chance to compel the character. Lastly, it has a specific duration, depending on pervasiveness of the mind control (and the severity of the consequence). In fact, any long term magical effect is treated in DFRPG as a consequence, save for magical attacks.

With hard mind control, though, the game treats that as a mental conflict with a Taken Out result as the losing of the victim's free will.
I didn't like it at first, but once I played I ended up loving it.
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Frank Ottey

Shared publicly  - 
We must do everything we can to overturn this disastrous Citizens United decision.
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Frank Ottey

App Development  - 
This fledging developer who would like to make an attempt to contribute to the project and has a question: are there any software design or architectural design specifications for the core elementary applications or is the README and HACKING files considered to be the equivalent of such a document? How do the developers feel about having someone generate such a document. I recently thought I'd dip my toe in the development waters by attempting to take a look at the samba issue pantheon-files that went up today, but stopped before I was able to completely inspect the code. I was curious if there were any documents on program flow, design decisions, and a brief overview of how the program works/ fits together. As someone who has to take safaris through others code at work, I've come to truly appreciate well done design documentation documents...
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Thank you for the prompt replies everyone.  I'm just reviewing the code now.  +William Cornelius : I appreciate your suggestion, however those documents don't contain the information I was hoping to find.  Oftentimes the question in software engineering isn't "how do I do this in language x" but "What is the problem?" "From where does the problem arise?" and "What steps/algorithm or system can we implement that will solve the problem?"  Once these questions are answered, then, one can move onto implementation-specific nuances.  The documents for which I was searching are the common parlance for the equivalence of "blueprints" for a piece of software.  As an analogy, imagine you are an architect and you are tasked with creating an addition/modification to a house.  Now imagine you have no blueprints to the original structure.  Now, half or more of your job entails re-treading the house and figuring out its construction, THEN beginning the actual design of the addition/modification.  It is the same thing with software engineers.  The documents to which I was talking about are some common names for the "blueprints" for a piece of software. 
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I need to un mount my motherboard because a small cable got trapped behind it when I mounted it that I did not notice until I turned the case back up. Is there anything in particular I should be wary of? Also, for a standard spinning HDD and ODD, would SATA 3.0.GB/s be ok or should I use the 6.0GB/s? 
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+Frank Ottey the positive and negative for the PWR and Reset are arbitrary, which is why they aren't marked.

The only thing you really have to watch out for is any proprietary brackets that might be in the way if you have an OEM rig. Otherwise it should be a quick removal of 6 - 8 screws, gently lifting the board so it doesn't break any of the PCB soldering and you will get your cable back out easily.

6.0GB/s is nifty, but as +Isaac Sharrow said, that bus isn't going to give you much of an advantage if you have a normal 7200 (or less) spindle speed. Check out the burst read/write rating of your HDD and you should be able to figure out if you want to go with the bigger bus.
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Frank Ottey

Discussion  - 
So, even though I have no one to play with, and it would totally go through all of my discretionary spending for the first half of the year and make it hard to pay for Exalted 3rd edition...  I am still sorely tempted to upgrade my pledge to "Quartet (USA)"...  Just a few questions - will the fate toolkit, fate worldbook, and FAE all have original artwork?  Also, will .pdf's of Dresden Accelerated be available upon release if you back at the Quartet level, or will that be a separate thing entirely?  
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It's all covered in the big golden graphic on the front page, and was part of what was listed in the composition of the PDF rewards in Update #27. 
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Frank Ottey

Discussion  - 
A question on conflict rules in Fate Core:  Generally, not including bonuses to Stress tracks due to Physique or Will, each character has a Stress track that can take 3 shifts of effect.  Now, the rules indicate that if a Consequence slot is used to take a shift that is less than its number, its still completely used up.  This means that if I use a Severe consequence, whic can take 6 shifts of effect, to absorb 1 shift of effect, later on I can't use the remaining "5 unused shifts" on that consequence slot because its already filled, even with that 1 shift.  Does this same rule apply to stress boxes?  For example.  Say I take 1 shift of effect from a mental attack.  I use the 1 shift stress box to absorb it.  Let's say I take another 1 shift of effect from a mental attack.  I use the 2-shift stress box to soak it.  Let's say I take another 1 shift mental stress attack.  Can I use the phantom, unused 1-shift from the 2-shift stress box that absorbed the previous 1-shift hit? Or do stress boxes function like a consequence slot, any use of any amount of shifts, up to and including the full amount, completely take up the stress box?  (I hope I'm being clear with my question)
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Cool... Thanks for keeping us informed.  I'm in a Fate Core Play-By-Post game at the moment, and it will be nice being able to properly playtest the rules.
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Frank Ottey

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This is a fantastic idea.  Not only does it allow vetting by an actual community with experience in the field, it also is a gamification of the process as well.  I think this really has the potential to catch on...
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