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Today... I am grateful for..... CATS!
  Because sometimes, we just need some cute kitties in our life. I'm biased. I think ours are super cute. We have been fortunate to share our home with many different cats on their way through our lives to their furrever homes. J and I volunteer with All Pa...

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Today I am Grateful....for my garden
This week I'm all about my garden. The front yard; early May. After a few weeks. I grew up in a small town and my parents always had a HUGE garden. I never truly enjoyed yardwork as a child.  But now...I love it. It's so peaceful.  Vamp loves to help me dig...

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I am grateful for....My Work
I think that in this insane world, sometimes we need to sit back  amidst all this rush rush instant ping now hurry up ...and just....sit still and be grateful.  To realize the little things that are actually big things.  This week, I am SO grateful and than...

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..........grateful for....My Town
Okay so technically, Brampton isn't really a town. It's city. With over 640,000 people in it. That's a lot. And we're part of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) here in the southern part of Ontario. So, thats like, another 6-9 million people. Thats a lot of peo...

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Christmas in June...continues!
Christmas in June continues!   So about 4 years ago or so, I found this amazing Christmas fabric in warm brown, reds, teals and blues. I loved it. It would go perfectly with our brown/warm tone beige/ red colour schemes. BUT... I didn't buy it! I know. Self...

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Countdown to Christmas...Wait, what?!?!?
SIX months til Christmas!! I'm doing a week of Christmas planning trying to, you know. Get ahead.  Are you like me....all these AMAZING planned projects you'll handmake for Christmas?  And then suddenly, it's.. DECEMBER 20th?! And maybe 1 in 5 projects  fin...

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Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Recipe
Doesn't get more Canadian than this.... the "Laura Secord Canadian Cookbook".  (Yes, this is a partial re-post from last summer, with just the recipe) It
has all sorts of great stuff in there, and was out of print until just
recently. I have my Mom's copy...

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Grateful for.....Strawberries!!
To me, there is nothing more beautiful than a perfectly ripe strawberry.   Growing up in SW Ontario, fresh strawberries always meant the start of summer. That bright tangy smell always takes me back. Gratuitous Strawberry Shot.   I remember hulling fresh st...

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New Series....Being Grateful
Each and every day, I've been trying to take a moment to just be in the moment. To be mindful and thankful for the many blessings I enjoy. To realize the little things that are actually big things. And the big things that are actually just small things. S...

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"Road to Oklahoma" Quilt Finish!
So after nearly a YEAR of not quilting...this was my theme Yep. Sigh. We've all been there. You've assembled all your pieces and then...oh no. Half are upside down. (or is that just me? note to self: no more quilting and margaritas) Anyway. A very dear frie...
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