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Almost as clever as I think I am.
Almost as clever as I think I am.

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So, we're on the darkest time line then. Perfect.

I'm giving up writing dystopian fiction, because goddamn it, nothing I write is scarier than the shit which is about to roll down and drown America. Hell, this year makes PK Dick look like an optimistic futurist.

And I've decided that King Straggler may have the best advice for how to rebel against the encroaching darkness.

"Because I believe that the most daring, outlandish, revolutionary thing you can do in 21st century America
Is to treat everybody–
People you know, people you don’t know–with dignity and kindness whenever possible.
Hey, fuck it. It’s something to shoot for.”

All we've got is each other and a little time. Be kind. 

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The monarch migration is landing in my back yard!
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Sky before storm

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Storm tore off doors to shed, and hail went thru the walls and windows.

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So, here's a slideshow of the first few minutes of the storm that devastated the house. This is before the hailstones got big enough to punch through our tornado roof, broke the windows and skylights, took out all the fencing, the truck... But, we all survived and everything can be long as the next storm doesn't bring another tornado, it's all good. For a given value of good...

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Ah, it makes sense. 

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Intrigue, betrayal, steel-eyed dames, stone-hearted gumshoes, and a little story by yours truly, can all be found in the NOIR issue of Blank Fiction Magazine , now out on itunes. Yay!

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The Eyes of Texas are Upon You: Leigh Larson, a leader of and organizer with College Kids For Wendy, is now becoming another face of the movement to Stand With Texas Women. Much like Martha Northington, Larson has received a lot of plaudits for leading the "Eyes of Texas" in the Capitol Rotunda at the end of Tuesday night's citizen filibuster.

Now Lt. Governor David Dewhurst may have his eyes on her. She has received notice that the Lt. Governor may be considering pressing charges on her along with others for "disturbing the peace" and "inciting a riot".

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This is so fabulous.  Not that Mike lost his job, but that his attitude about finding another one is so hopeful.  If any of you have seen Mike's job, do let him know, won't you? 
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