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Well, to get the download, I have to post here.

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If you use putty, do you use a dock or tabbing container for it?

What do you use?

nodejs developers: what's your dev environment?

I'm a Windows guy because I have to be. "Well node is windows compatible." No, it's not. If the engine runs, but dependencies will not, is that compatible? Existential question, to be sure. But what it means for me is that I have to have a Windows environment (tools etc) and a Linux VM for dev (compiling dependencies, processing and serving).

With Python, I had set this up with a share directory. Simple because there's no compiling of anything Windows was basically a guest of the guest. Everything resided on the Linux VM but with the shared dir I could do editing and source control.

With node, however, it's not that simple. node loses it's mind over symlinks when trying to install a project to VM shared dirs. I had previously made setups with an SMB share so that my project dirs could be available to Windows. This time around, SMB is being a pain in the ass.

Since I don't want to admin Linux, I want to build with node, I'm curious what other dev setups people are using.

I have a question: Who's idea was it to do blogs of any sort without a timestamp/date? This is especially annoying with anything technical, and especially especially programming.

Case in point,

Long story short, I'm having a problem with a Vagrant setup I used a few months back. Since the last use, I've upped my main home machine to Wind 10 which lead to problems I'll not go into here. Eventually I decided to just get a new Vagrant config and start from scratch.

I came across the linked article. First things first, "how relevant is this?" which is judged by the date of the post. No date.

Why? I get it on something like where the info is much less time-relevant, and removing the date is some level of SEO. But for tech? Can someone explain like I'm five how it's a good thing?

I need to keep a blog. So, "Hi."

I'm a web developer of sorts. I've owned a couple of successful sites over the years, and am currently trying to get a handle on the javascript full-stack experience. To that end, I'm learning things on a daily basis.

Sometimes I've read something neat, or come across something helpful. But sometimes the new learnings come from self revelations, where something just clicks.

I need to discuss this stuff, even if just in a mirror. . . for posterity.

Sometimes I think the internet was just a big mistake. But, just maybe... bouncing things off of a particular corner of a big mistake might wind up being personally developing.

So that's what I'll be doing around here. Hi.

Nothing is so simple that it can’t be messed up.

A couple of weeks ago I embarked on a journey. I’d been trying and failing to even just get something started in node.js/JavaScript so I could see exactly how much I knew and didn’t know, and learn along the way.

So I decided to make a keymap configuration tool for the game Fallout 4.

A little background: there’s a Script Extender modification/wrapper for the game Fallout 4. It exposes a number of programmatic functions within the game, from memory, at runtime. One of the first functions available via this Extender was keyboard mapping. If you run the Extender with the game, you can use a file called `CustomControlMap.txt` to change many more (all?) key assignments than the in-game facility allows.

I started on the program. I'm using nw.js for the front end which uses node.js internally. 2 weeks and ~50 hours later, I've finally reached a milestone: the CustomControlMap.txt file is read and displayed on screen. Took forever.

While I faced some technical hurdles, the biggest problem wasn’t anything technical at all... It was the fact that I had no plan. At the beginning, I figured “This sounds pretty simple. I don’t need a design. I mean, what could go wrong?”

Famous last words. 2d arrays, arrays nested into array elements, cross refs between nested nested elements, blank lines throwing everything off. Not to mention the dead-ends, after which I found myself remaking entire sections because "you can't get there from here" (this happened twice).

It wound up being a much deeper exercise than met the eye.

I’m no stranger to sitting down and outlining a project. Hell, even in every day life, I plan the shit out of things. Even taking the kids to the dentist becomes an ordeal. As such, I’ve felt that at points in the past that sometimes I over plan. That I could be writing code instead of being bogged down in the details of writing a design doc. I'd simply thought "I plan too much".

Well, the plan is kinda the point. A couple hours spent on writing a doc and thinking critically about what to do, without the anxiety of "I want to get this done" hanging over my head, would have likely saved me significant hair pulling once I did start the project in earnest.

Moral of the story: No matter how trivial you think the project is, Design First.

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Mark your calendars:

Today, September 27, 2014, was the last day ever that broadcast TV airs Saturday morning cartoons. It's truly the end of an era, but do I really miss Hong Kong Phooey and Speed Racer? Not really, but that's not the point.

The point is that it's yet one more thing that my kids have no idea what I'm talking about when I say "saturday morning cartoons".

I heard about it on Reddit, and as a metaphoric whimper, there is NO 'major' website reporting it (according to Google at this moment, anyway). A Wikipedia page was linked as the source, that's how dry the whole thing is. was a block of cartoons on The CW and they've decided to replace it with live action.

"The block came to an end on September 27, 2014, and was replaced the following week with a live-action E/I block from Litton Entertainment named One Magnificent Morning, marking the end of traditional Saturday morning children's programming on broadcast television."

That's all, folks.

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Here's a video from the postgame of Bennett's 11th bday party. Apparently we used trick candles on his cake. Clearly, he was no worse for the wear.

And here we are 10, countem 10, years later. Despite all the angst and drama, he survived it as a single contiguous organism. At 21 he is as good a person as I'd ever dreamed he could be.

Love you, dudey. Rock on.

(Oh btw... that's 3 yo val in the background... sounding like DeLenn lol)

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Schuyler recorded a bunch of his music and upped it to Soundcloud.

Now most of the time when a parent says "This is really good!" about something their kid does, they're just being supportive. The thing is that this isn't the case here. As his current producer and agent, I'm not supportive in the slightest. . . just ask him, he'll tell you.

That said, this shit is really good.
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