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Someday it will be possible to have a Mars colony as long as there is water there.

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Alia posing with Miss City of Orange.

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More realistic approach to reducing unwanted pregnancies without increasing abortions.

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I'm still not liking the new user interface that Ubuntu went with in their latest version. So that's kind of neat that there's easily installed alternatives available.

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This week, every time I see someone post a photo of fabulous food on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, I immediately think about the famine in Africa.'s an idea:

If you get caught posting a food pic, you should consider donating to fight the famine in Africa - like the swear jar ;) #hornofafrica - pass it on!

P.S. I know this topic inspired some hating in comments on my past post - so if you don't want to help, that's your objective and no need to argue here. Have a nice day.

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He didn't spark a revolution, what he did was trash the lives of hundreds of people he didn't know. What scum.

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This is one reason why I don't think putting everything in the cloud is always the best idea...

Kind of interesting how you can share status updates with the public, your circles, or just a specific person. its like twitter,facebook,email all in one depending on how you choose to share messages,pictures and links.
By the way this one is shared with the public so its like a tweet.

If you've ever used facebook...this is pretty much the same kind of thing but different...
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