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Elise and I traveled to the path of totality on the 21st. Even though I went woefully photographically unprepared and wasn’t even sure if I was going to bother with my camera for the duration, I managed to fire off this and a few other shots.

After a few hours of waiting, the partial phase began. The excitement built as my fellow eclipse watchers and I started noticing the world around us darkening – as Elise put it – it was like someone pulled the saturation and contrast sliders down on the world. The shadows focused and started casting tiny, slivered projections of the waning sun onto the ground, and as totality approached, we started hearing night time insects wake in the trees around us.

We looked up with our eclipse glasses, waiting for the final sliver of light to disappear, when finally, CJ, or I, or someone else (I can’t even remember) shouted “TAKE YOUR GLASSES OFF!”.

I took them off to one of the most incredible things I’d ever seen. The sun is usually so permanent. Something that should just be there, up in the sky on a clear day. I was greeted to an impossibly dark hole, surrounded by a brilliant halo of light. I can totally see why, before we had an explanation of what an eclipse was, people were terrified by them.

The next two minutes both passed like an eternity, and a far-too-short moment. I can barely explain the way I felt because I was encompassed by a sense of wonder that I’ve rarely felt in my life. Something celestial felt so close to me and the people I experienced it with

It was one of the most incredible things I’ve ever experienced. I completely understand why people chase totality around the globe. Any amount of time and money you could invest into that experience is worth it.

So here’s one of the photos I took with the caveat that it doesn’t do the eclipse any justice. I don’t know if any photo, video, drawing, poem, or anything any one person could create would ever do the phenomena any justice. If you have a chance to see totality, go do it.

#eclipse #totality #totality2017 #space #photography #travel #incredible

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Totally forgot to post this - GoPro footage from my media flight with the Golden Knights!

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Went up with the Lima Lima flight team yesterday - was able to get a pretty fun shot with my GoPro. Definitely one of the most fun experiences I've ever had.

#flight   #Photography   #Gopro    #LimaLima   #Photojournalism   #Indiana   #GaryAirShow   #Gary  

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This nearly 5 acre building was full of steel at one point - now empty and prepped for demolition, it's set to be restored into a park for public use.

I have a few more of the place on my blog, if you're interested.

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Finally edited a video of a drone flight in Chicago this weekend with friends. I apologize for the awful edit job, I'm bad at this. Change it to 1080p60 with the little gear setting and it'll look better.
Youtube is transcoding it at the moment, so higher resolutions might not work right away.

The app is great - I was able to download immediately and I can't wait to use it.

Works flawlessly straight from the camera, but I have a few tiny issues with the app when I process external videos.

First off, I'm using a Nexus 5, if that matters.

Ok, Issue 1 (More like a suggestion) - since it takes long to import and process a file (it took about 15 minutes total for a GoPro video I shot), it'd be nice to have an ongoing status in the notification bar when processing is taking place - it continued to work in the background, but there was no notification that anything was happening until I brought up the app again.

Issue 2 - After the initial import takes place, the speed-up started processing. It worked fine, but this time, when I backed out to do something else, I went back into the app to find a black screen. I let it sit for as long as I thought it needed to process fully, then I had to force exit from the app. It had processed completely, I was just unaware since nothing was popping up on the screen.

Related to that last issue, the second time I processed a video from my GoPro, I left the screen on the whole time and it was stuck on 99% for quite a long time before finally rolling over to 100% and giving me the option to share my file.

Other than that, it's working great. Thanks for creating such a neat tool for us!

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It's a bit weird being eight floors up in a room with no walls.

#urbex   #decay   #photography  

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Finally got some shots up from the Kishi Bashi/Guster concert I shot a few weeks ago. It was a fun one - can't wait to catch Kishi Bashi when he comes back to the area.

#concert   #concertphotography    #photography   #KishiBashi   #Guster   #music   #Chicago  
Kishi Bashi and Guster at the Riviera 04/10/15
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