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I'm Amazing ... A Positive Spirit ... Blessed & Highly Favored ... My Faith is Strong and my prayer game tight ... "Just Me" - God Son - BENTLEY "LifeIsGreat"
I'm Amazing ... A Positive Spirit ... Blessed & Highly Favored ... My Faith is Strong and my prayer game tight ... "Just Me" - God Son - BENTLEY "LifeIsGreat"

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Gentlemen good evening. Let's play: "Who's the right fit.* 😆😈😇👊💯👯

YOU HAVE A DEEP CONNECTION WITH BOTH WOMEN, and they're both fine, can cook, and are smart

Woman A LEFT is 10 years younger than you, and has no kids. She can be childish on occasion, but is not ignorant, and is very responsible. She is playful and shy. She is a full-time college student, with a part-time job in retail making minimum wage. + sales. With the addition to student scholarships/grants, and a loan she is able to cover her living expenses, minor personal purchases, rent, and the upkeep of her appearance. She has no money to play with after that, and relies on public transit to get around. Therefore she is always on a budget. You will have to cover the costs when it comes to dates, activities, and trips for the next 4-5 years. She is ready to be in a serious relationship, but doesn't want to settle down until after graduation which will be 4 years from now, and she won't have kids until another 3 years on top of the 4 = 7 years from now. She has big dreams, and is showing great promise in her studies and skills - to make it as a RN (Nurse) 💰$50-65 000. She will have a little bit of student debt to pay off.

Woman B RIGHT, is the same age as you. She is classy but reserved. Never childish, but not too playful. Experience has taught her and she is a responsible single mom of one that is in good care. She knows what's its like to be with a Man. Experience has taught her. Her steady full time job makes her an average income of $40 000 a year plus benefits. She has no debt, owns her own small townhouse with a monthly mortgage, has a car, and a little bit of money saved. She is ready to be in a serious relationship and have kids if you settle down. She has money sometimes to split with and pay for events, trips, etc. Remember she has a child to take care of 💸

Explain your vote under comments please lol
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The Inglewood stadium proposal backed by the St. Louis Rams is vastly superior to the rival plan in Carson and could be a financial windfall for the NFL, the franchise argued in its relocation application submitted to the league this week.
The 29-page document obtained Tuesday by The Times lays out the team’s rationale for why it should be able to leave St. Louis and how it believes such a move would ultimately strengthen the NFL.
"The Rams' Inglewood Project presents the League and all of the Member Clubs with the best opportunity for successful long-term operations in Los Angeles,” the application said.
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The San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders also applied to relocate, touting their joint project in Carson that’s projected to open in 2019 and detailing the reasons why they should be allowed to leave their current markets.
Rams relocation to L.A. material Document
League owners will gather for a special meeting in Houston next week in hopes of resolving the L.A. quandary.
In advance of that meeting, the NFL's stadium, finance and L.A. committees will convene Wednesday and Thursday at league headquarters in New York to discuss the situation.
Although the developers at the Inglewood site have long maintained that their stadium would be ready for the 2018 season, the Rams’ application targets 2019 as the proposed start date. There was no elaboration on the change for the $1.86-billion project that the Rams describe as "shovel ready."
The document provides a rare look into a landmark moment in the NFL’s two-decade quest to return to L.A.; this is the first time teams have formally asked to relocate to the country’s second-largest market.
The application is divided into three parts: discussing the strengths of the Inglewood plan, explaining why the Rams have a right to move after two decades in St. Louis and outlining how the league will benefit from the team’s relocation.

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