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Tips to help you determine how many boxes you will need for your move! #selfstorage

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Packing and Storage Tips
1. Place a protective cover on the floor of the storage unit
2. Use bubble wrap - For wrapping breakables, old news paper will certainly
3. Clearly label all boxes and group your items together by category.
4. Store boxes in neat, tight, rows.
5. Create an aisle way in the storage unit so that you can easily get to your items (usually down the middle of the unit).
6. Always put the items that you need most in last. You want them to be in the front of the storage unit for easy retrieval.
7. Use Shelves – They can increase storage areas by as much as 25%.
8. Remove furniture and table legs. Store the remaining flat surface table tops - face to face.
9. Store couches on their end (up right) to conserve space. Be sure to wrap them in plastic wrapping.
10. Large appliances and cabinets make for good storage areas too. Place smaller items inside of them.
11. When storing objects in boxes, bear in mind to pack them tightly.
12. Do not store any flammable or combustible items such as paint and chemicals.
13. Drain fluids from motorized gardening tools and mowers. .
14. Use trash cans to store gardening tools and sporting goods.
15. Use protective covers as much as possible such as plastic mattress covers, blankets (over wood items), and plastic wrap around sofas.
16. Wrap photographs, magazines, and newspapers tightly or store them between slates of wood.
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Self Storage Companies continue to perform well in 2015.  The largest Self Storage REITs showed a combined Q1 2015 share price return of 7.29%.  The future of low interest rates and low vacancy continue to fuel the increase in share price activity from investors.  #selfstorage #realestateinvesting  

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Self Storage REIT Returns Dec 2014 - How about 26.48%!
The Top 4 Self Storage Companies are having an amazing year showing  a combined 26.48% year to date share price improvement.  Low interest rates, low vacancy, and lack of competition from new development are just some of the reasons.

The Top 4 Self Storage REIT share prices bounce back with share prices raising back to a 17.76% YTD Return. At the end of the 2nd QTR 2014 we saw combined gains of nearly 20%. But, in September we saw prices fall to a YTD gain of 13.77%. Good to see prices raise back up again.

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The top 4 Self Storage REIT Prices Starting to FAll - The top 4 Self Storage REIT companies showed nearly a 20% YTD increase in prices for the first 8 months of 2014. However, September has not been good to prices, the YTD increase is now 13.77%. Click here to see more information:
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Self Storage REITs-  Announce their Q2 Financial Results - VERY IMPRESSIVE - (same store results compared to 2013) Occupancy levels hit an all time high of 92.6%, Sales are up 7.4%, and NOI is up 9.1%.   #realestate #realestateinvesting #selfstorage  

Extra Space Announces Q2 2014 Same Store Results - Revenues Increase by 7.9%, NOI increases by 9.9%, and Occupancy up to 92.4% (a 1.7% increase) - #selfstorage #realestate

Sovran Self Storage Announces Q2 2014 Results - (Same Store Sales Comparison to Q2 2013) - Really good results - particularly in Occupancy Levels - 8.6%% increase in Revenues 8.6%, a 10% increase in NOI, and Occupancy is at 91% (up 3%).
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