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Shoshana Kessock
Game Designer, Writer and Unreality Expert since 1982
Game Designer, Writer and Unreality Expert since 1982
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This month is all about endings and new beginnings.

Metatopia has just gone by and I'm all about getting the projects I'm working on into good shape. I've got great writing I'm doing and projects to finish up freelancing. Plus? Team Outlaw is now moving out of New York for the first time and heading to the beautiful Jersey City. It's the first time I'm moving out of New York City, and I'm a little stressed about that. But what else is on the agenda?

- Freelance writing
- Kickstarter fulfillment

That time has come to gird up thine self and have a heck of a month. I'm excited and ready to see some fantastic endings become great new beginnings, for projects and a new period in my life. That's not to say it's not going to be a little hectic, but that's how things seem to go here, at the end of a harrowing 2015. 

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Hi folks. A bit of bad news to share. 

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Hey folks! So Phoenix Outlaw Productions' first Fate Core game, SMOKE AND GLASS, is in its last 68 hours on Kickstarter! We've reached goal but we have some fantastic stretch goals we're hoping to still fund from folks like +Josh Harrison, +Clark Valentine, +John Rogers and +Filamena Young. So if you're looking for a steampunk fantasy game with an intense new magic system, a brand new Class system, and an in depth setting, come and join us! 

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So excited to be aboard this project and to work on Karthun!
We cleared 25k on the Karthun Kickstarter and unlocked the GM's Guide! It will have rules for Pathfinder (written by +Tracy Hurley), 13th Age (+Quinn Murphy), Savage Worlds (+Shoshana Kessock), Dungeon World (+Rob Donoghue), Fate (meeeeee), and D&D (+Brian Patterson). So excited to have reached this stretch goal!

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So there's just this gorgeous thing coming out in January. 
See you in January. (Retail edition of the Deck of Fate!)

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Ladies and gentlemen, Smoke and Glass has reached it's first stretch goal! $5000 means that we'll be producing an EP along with the game called Songs From the Skypath by Nicolas Hornyak!

Now we're on our way to the next stretch goal, in which Abigail Corfman will write an expansion about the enemies of the Meridians, the mysterious Ture! Come and join us towards upcoming Stretch Goals, including material by +John Rogers +Clark Valentine +Filamena Young and more! 

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Hi folks! I'm proud to announce that Phoenix Outlaw Productions has our first publication out on Kickstarter and it's a Fate Core setting! 

Smoke and Glass is an steampunk fantasy setting for Fate Core, set in an industrial city built on the bones of a ruined magical kingdom. It's a game of adventures under smoke-filled skies, down in the gutters and running the rooftops over the homes of the wealthy.

Author Abigail Corfman has not only created a whole new sandbox city in Kroy, but she's created new skills for the Fate Core system, a new magic system, and a whole new Class system for the game. 

So come and join us in backing our first Kickstarter! We've got great stretch goals plans on top of the great rewards but to get there, we need your help. Thanks for reading!

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Thank you so much for writing this. This mirrors effectively how I've gone thru gaming for years. I'm so sorry you have to go through this, but for a selfish reason, it feels good to know someone else goes thru those places too.
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