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A woman who eats blog, sleeps blog..
A woman who eats blog, sleeps blog..

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Many of my friends are asking me where I am planning to go for my holidays this year.  At the moment I have not make any plans yet because I am still under recuperation from my fractured leg that left me limping since last October 2015.  I wish I could go somewhere relaxing this year, no guided tours and waking up early in the morning but instead tour at my own leisure and pleasure without feeling any pressure.  I wold love to go during the October month if possible, I will get ready my winter clothing to make myself warm.  Besides that, I am also going to get some information on this  Cozy Winters Reviews which I came across a moment ago, this might help us consumers as we go for traveling.  

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Making Of Meatloaf
MY SISTER ASKED ME WHETHER I HAVE TASTED MEATLOAF BEFORE OR NOT... "Huh, what is that?" was my answer to her.  And thus the Making of Meatloaf started on one fine morning.  She said we cannot be eating Chinese food all the time, we must eat other food as we...

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Mexican Bah Chang Called Tamales
I HAVE TASTED MALAYSIAN BAH CHANG DUMPLING, VIETNAMESE BAH CHANG AND NOW... MEXICAN BAH CHANG!! Yes, Mexican choong or dumpling as my sister nicknamed it cos it is very similar to our Asian dumplings.  In actual name, this Mexican is called Tamales.  First ...

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Weekend Recipe With Froothie-Chocolate Shake
TIME FOR A HEALTHY DRINK again with Froothie, Optimum 2.1... Many thanks to my friend who is "blender-sitting"  and making full use of this prestigious blender while I am on holiday.  She is very innovative and makes effort in making juices and sauces, she ...

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Pork jerky in Sacramento!

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5 Key Things to Consider Before You Move
Photo Credit The place you live is one of the most important aspects of life. Where you choose very much depends on what your priorities are, but pretty much everyone is looking for a good neighbourhood with great facilities nearby. However, looking from th...

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Hongkong Noodles At TK Noodle House, Florin Road
My normal wake up call here is around 8.30am to 9am, not from my handphone but from the buzzing sound in the kitchen.  Excited voices could be heard each morning around this time, blending machine, coffee making, and I could n...

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Rice Bowl And Leatherby's At Sacramento
IT WAS A SUNDAY EVENING THAT WE DID NOT COOK.... and my sister took us for nice Hongkong restaurant called Rice Bowl for dinner.  To beat the crowd, we reached the place around 5.30pm and a wedding dinner was already in process.  So early!  Weddings in Ipoh...

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Shop Till Drop At Macys Arden Mall, Sacamento
SHOPPING STARTED ON THE THIRD DAY UPON ARRIVAL! It was a weekend and the Sale was on.  We started off from the house as early as 11am to Arden Mall, it opens at this time and yes, we were the early birds!  Went straight to the shoes section, from there to t...
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