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Starry night canopy over Bryce Canyon - This is in the narrow "Wall Street" canyon at Bryce Canyon National Park. Light painting shows orange and red rock formations which rise about 700 feet above this popular hiking trail on the "Navajo Loop". Canon 5D MkII • EF15mm f/2.8 Fisheye @ f/2.8 • 30 sec • ISO 6400. See with & w/o light painting, and tell me which you like best:
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Wow,  awesome image +Royce Bair !  I checked out your flickr image without light painting and I think I like that even more.  It draws your attention to the rock opening pattern. Almost looks like a Batman wing shape :)
I'd choose the one with the light painting, but would possibly tone down the red a bit. I take it that you wouldn't be able to light a camp fire down there and use the softer fire light on a slightly longer exposure? Am guessing park rangers would not approve.....
+Goldie B +Randy Bertrand I respect these opinions!
+Paul Gravestock No fires allowed! I used a halogen reflected light source with a "tungsten" (3500ºK) White Balance, which does tend to warm things up a bit :) I tried some dimmer light painting, but it just didn't work for me.
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