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IndoorAtlas develops a unique software-only indoor positioning system to bring accurate location information to anywhere GPS doesn't reach. We're already in partnership with Baidu, China's biggest search engine and mobile maps publisher and our goal is to map every building in the world. We're looking to add to our engineering team an Android developer in Helsinki or Oulu. More behind the link.. 

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Casual Connect 

Today's dinner is oven-baked whole whitefish with parsley and basil alongside saffron and cava risotto.
Excessive sharing? Perhaps, but did I make you hungry? :)

Would some please explain me what's the difference between +1 and share, or even "Like" and share? Can't really see why they're separate.

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Brilliant piece of background on startup teams, scraping together the initial funding, and (when you read the comments!) what a difference the inspired team makes. Thanks to +Fred Wilson for writing it, and +Sampo Karjalainen for sharing

heh.. G+ Circles Yahoo import doesn't do anything on Chrome, and fails with "error loading imported data" on Firefox. Add people by hand? You must be dreaming!

It's probably me, but I can not figure out how to change my profile pic from the mobile site nor in the Android G+ app. Can take photos, but editing own profile seems impossible. And it certainly doesn't sync from my phonebook entry either.
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