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Jade Kross
Christian Sensual Romance Writer. Song Of Solomon in fiction genre form.
Christian Sensual Romance Writer. Song Of Solomon in fiction genre form.

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it's gonna be a bright.... bright.... sunshiny day

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My cousin is missing. If you have seen her, please contact the Kootenai County Sheriff at 208-446-1300.

Please share, we are all very concerned.

#idaho #missingperson #missingteen #missingteenagers #missingchildren

So, I cry for everything I watch. My 7 year old son finds it funny. The last movie we watched together he turns and I have tears in my eyes. He says, "would you like a cup for the stuff coming out of your eyes?"

Okay, you had to be there, I died laughing. And now I'm a happy zombie.

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okay, i still need to fix this, my words got CUT, but what do you think of HER?

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ONE more opinion, please. All thoughts!

So, yeah, my 9 year old son, John (the Vachina child) is funny, but he doesn't have anything on my five year old, Caleb.

You know how kids that age find something they're good at and then they do the hell out of it till you wish they'd never ever learned it? Well, he's like that with "Your Mommas So Fat" jokes. I know, I know.

He makes them up as he goes. And goes. A few of my favorites:

"Your mommas so fat, she jumped in the ocean, and and, all the water, packed their suitcases!"

"Your mommas so fat, she laid on the bed, and somebody knocked on the front door, and when she got up, it was flat as a paper."

"Your mommas so fat, when she went into space, all the planets flew to Jesus."

Who needs Comedy Central?

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Okay you guys, you've got to check this out! Awesome stuff!

Conducting a poll:

Should Christians be able to read about erotica in Godly fiction?

Yes, no, and why?

Oh and please state your current religious beliefs if you're comfortable, that helps in the poll. :)

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