My iPad Predictions

I like to play this little game the day before an announcement from Apple. Based on the tea leaves I've read (no inside knowledge at all). Here's what I think Apple will announce tomorrow.

Apple will announce the iPad HD with a retina display and a form factor similar to the iPad 2. It will also come with Siri and an improved camera. It will go up for preorder this Friday and be available March 16th. It will sell for the same price as the current iPad 2 and iPad 2 will get a price break. Apple will also announce a new version of the Apple TV with better HD possibly integrated with an app on the iPad.

I'm uncertain about LTE. I put the chances at 40% that it will have LTE. There are a few good arguments why it would (Verizon insistence for one) but Apple doesn't usually like to take the battery hit on new tech like that before it's completely widespread. Remember the first iPhone was only Edge. Plus the next iPad would be the 4th and give them a nice iPad 4G name to consider.
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