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Fear is a Biological Response
It reminds me of this last quote: #Fear doesn’t exist anywhere except in the mind. ~ Dale Carnegie
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I have often wondered where the branch of psychology is that begins to ask the questions of why something is becoming so pervasive and so rampant like anxiety instead of finding ways of stopping it. Am I the only person who asks such questions? I am starting to believe that is the case. Social phobias, hikikomori, agoraphobia ... these are growing in number all over the world ... what drives people to this point? If fear is biological .. then that means it's an aspect of our truest and deepest nature. What is in our nature that is triggering these root "survival instincts" to now cripple us? Nothing in nature happens for no reason. Perhaps there is more wisdom to be found in why it's happening more and more frequently than to discuss finding ways of controlling it. This is something I have dedicated a lot of time and study to ... I believe strongly that others should as well.
Rika Kayama has the view of mental illness that it's happening more to people who are more sensitive to changes in the world before others. Perhaps this fear and abundant anxiety is for a real reason that is simply more visible to certain people? The world is changing in ways that are striking at the heart of our true nature ... our primal defense mechanisms and survival instincts are ramping up and driving people into these deeply disturbed states. Some people can perceive this more than others and I feel to ignore it is going to be a bad idea. Modern day mental health shoves pills and made up wording down our throats to cover the fact that they cannot understand it themselves ... isn't that an interesting fear as well ...
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