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Alexandra bridge....crossing from the Québec province into the capital of Canada, Ottawa by +Isabelle Gagnon  and +Tom Crews   

Teaching and assisting others with their pursuit of photography is definitely a passion of mine. Though I have never been to Ottawa before this image was produced as a collaboration between Isabelle and myself. I think her talent is outstanding and I so enjoy working with her and teaching her what I can about the art of photography. I truly feel blessed to be working with such a passionate artist.

I would have given her all the credit for this image, but she asked me to post it on her behalf and mention that we developed it together using FaceTime. The truth is, it is her photograph and therefore predominately her own work. It's quite amazing.........

And once again, I highly encourage circling +Isabelle Gagnon .

For those who do not speak French Isabelle's last name is pronounced:

Phonetic Spelling: ɡa.ɲɔ̃
My Phonetics: Gân-yō
#landscapephotography   #naturephotography   #cityscapephotography   #nightphotography   #longexposure   #ottawa   #canadaphotography   #reflectionphotography  

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