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One of the new songs from Michael Barrow & The Tourists' debut album! #ProvoMusic #IndieMusic #IAmATourist

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Happy Holidays, Provo! Updated for the month of December, our Spotify​ playlist features some of our favorite Christmas songs - both covers and originals - from artists with ties to the local music scene. We hope it warms your heart this Christmas season! Follow us on Spotify for monthly compilations.

Artists and songs featured on the Christmas 2016 Provo Music Playlist:

“It’s Christmas (And I Like You)” - The National Parks​
“Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella (feat. Kaiti Purse)” - Nate Noble​
“North Pole” - Mimi Knowles​
“Winter Moon” - Mindy Gledhill​
“Blue Christmas” - Joshua James​
“Last Year’s Winter” - Cinders​
“Wish List” - Neon Trees​
“It’s Christmas Time” - Kindred Dead​
“Baby It’s Cold Outside (feat. Michele Blood)” - Caleb Blood
“Winter Wonderland” - Waking Jordan​
“Silver & Gold” - John Allred​
“The First Noel” - The Lower Lights​
“He Is Born” - BYU Vocal Point​ (Feat. Ryan Innes​)

#ProvoMusic #ReachProvo #Christmas

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"Mellow and full of soul, +Kimberly Knighton's 'Histories' will resonate with fans of +Colbie Caillat and +Norah Jones​."
You can read our full review at
#ReachProvo #ProvoMusic

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The Real Doug Lane​ and Andrew Wiscombe​ will perform this Friday at Muse Music​ to celebrate the release of Operation Encore: A Veteran Music Project​'s new album, "Monuments."
#Veterans #ProvoMusic #ReachProvo #OperationEncore

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"Equal parts well produced and atmospheric, this EP features a strong vocal performance by +Former Tides' Devin Barrus." Check out our full review of Soft Cyanide​'s debut EP, due out next week!
#ReachProvo #ProvoMusic

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There are some stellar artists on our November '16 Provo Music Playlist! See who made the list. Give it a listen, and follow us on Spotify​ for monthly playlists featuring the best music from Provo City​.

“Scrape the Sky (feat. Fresh Big Mouf​)” – Can't Stop Won't Stop​
“Way with Words” – Mideau​
“Shift” – Telesomniac​
“Upside Down” – Chariot​
“Yell” – Laken
“Where I Come From” – Jessica Frech​
“Oh My Road” – Grizzly Goat​
“Feel the Same” – Joshua James​
“Just a Song” – My Fair Fiend​
“Any Press Is Good Press” – Lost in Bourbon​
“Another You” – Motion Coaster​
“Bliss” – Red Sleeves​
“Suitcase” – The New Electric Sound​
“Stars” – Sego​
“Minus Yours” – Kissed Out​

#ProvoMusic #IndieMusic #ReachProvo #Music

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