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Is anyone here competent with soldering? I have accidentally corroded a gold solder pad. I have already cleaned it with flux and isopropyl, revealing what I think is the copper below.

I am worried about the dark path leading away from it though, have I damaged the trace?

I have no microscope sadly.

Whats the currently best method of installing "real" Linux on an ARM Chromebook? I have the now ancient Samsung C303 and while I had a dual boot in the past, I havent had the need for a full Linux on it for a while and just wanted to know if there are any new ways of installation.

I want to program arduinos on the go, so Im not sure whether a chroot environment would work.

I tried to move my Linux installation (Ubuntu with Gnome) from a partition on my hdd to a ssd yesterday using rsync. I correctly updated the UUIDs in fstab and reinstalled grub.

Grub finds the new installation and appends the boot menu accordingly, on selecting it in the boot menu, however, it always boots into the hdd installation (which I plan on removing once I can verify a working state of the ssd installation).

Can anyone give me a hint what I did wrong? I assume the are some links the ssd installation that point to the hdd, but I'm lost.

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Probably the cheapest smart LED, as part of a WIP SmartHome project. Consists of 1 ESP8266 and 1 Starbucks pudding cup.

A lot of things going on in the background (RESTful Server, SQL Server, but they are unnecessary for this little toy).

Im controlling it with an Android app that Im working on.
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What's the best use for a Raspberry Pi (touch) display?
I bought one several weeks ago, but couldn't find any good use for it yet.
I have a 3.5in SPI display, I can imagine that the 7in hdmi displays are suitable for watching videos/photo frames and so on. Just not sure what to do with it.

What did you guys make with them?

Hello everybody,

I want to buy a Mi TV Bar and wanted to ask here whether it is possible to use it as "just" a soundbar for my Samsung TV.

I was unable to find out whether it also has some sort of Audio-Input, or can only be used as the smart device, using the tv as only a screen.

Thank you all in advance!

Has anybody tried installing an OpenVPN client on ChromeOS? I have found some solutions, but none of them use an .ovpn file, which I am trying to use...

Hello everybody, I am having trouble getting commandline output in python. I need to run a command and capture the return values from the commandline. I have already tried simply putting the output into a file using os.system('ls >> example.txt'), as well as with subprocesses.

The file, however, never contains the last line of return values. I have googled for a while now, but none of the solutions work for me.


I have accidentally disabled the Settings app. Since I would need to go into Settings to re-enable it, which I can't, does anybody know of another way to find and re-enable disabled System apps?

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