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What's the different between comics and novels?
Blog Tour Author: Dan Jolley Featured Book Release: Gray Widow's Web July 19-26, 2017 Today I'm delighted to welcome author Dan Jolley to my blog. Author and creator of Gray Widow, writer of video games, comic books and novels, he's touring the internet wit...

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Pretending to be Good?
Is my witness how I pretend to be good when life gets me down, or how I accept my failure when life lets me stand again? Maybe pretending to be good is failure too.

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If getting it wrong an essential step on the road to getting it right, maybe failure shouldn't be so depressing after all. The Bible's full of failures... loved, forgiven and redeemed.

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Show and Tell
They tell us we should "show, don't tell," but telling's easier. Did you know, it's easier to tell than to be, as well. Be the message... who me?

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Would You Have Been Colorblind?
Today I'm delighted to welcome Leah Harper Bowron, author of the novel Colorblind, to my blog - a novel of the recent past with a powerful message for present-day middle-grade students. Colorblind is set in 1968. In Montgomery, Alabama.,Dr. Martin Luther Ki...

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One day I'll sort out all my websites
One day I'll sort out all my websites, blogs, links, connections and other wondrously ethereal e-things. Meanwhile, in an effort to answer a friend and at least sort out what I've got, here's my quick and easy guide to getting started with a blog. Note to s...

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How Much Do You Have To Learn, and how do we learn?
Imagine a world full of colors and things and words and the strangeness of how it fits together. Imagine the page with its two-dimensional picture pulling you in. Imagine shapes on the page. They're called words. They have sounds attached, just like the sha...

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What world would you choose?
If you could choose your perfect world, what would it look like? The characters in Endurance of the Free by James Litherland , third in his Miraibanashi trilogy, are out to change their technologically superior world into something more human, but they'll h...

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Got to love, murder & mayhem, surely?
Today I'm delighted to welcome the wonderful authors and editor of Love Murder & Mayhem to spread some... love on my blog. (Please, no murder or mayhem - they should only exist in books!) So enjoy! About the Book Love science fiction stories that all includ...

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Are you successful? Are you balanced?
Today I'm delighted to welcome Apryl Zarate Schleuter, author of Finding Success In Balance to my blog. Finding Success in Balance: My Journey to The Cheerful Mind  follows the quest of the career-driven individual trying to find a healthy balance between w...
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