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>>"when diseases travel, human health, economic security and food security are all at risk"

>>ONE HEALTH: #prevent #detect #respond #xyzAfrica #AfricainFocus #westAfrica #oneHealth #OneHealthDakar #waho #Ooas #westAfricaHealth (FOR AND ON BEHALF OF WAHO)
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#THOUGHTS: Lest we forget: there are international solutions, which are important, but take longer. And there are #REGIONAL solutions, which ought to be less complicated. The workd needs more regional-tailored solutions TOGETHER with international ones. #regionalism #solutions 

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We can relate!
#imspiration: "One day the people whp don't believe in you will tell everyone how they met you" #word

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#REFLECTIONS: Been reading this for a month now. A great insight into making West Africa THE region to be, where policy + research + advocacy is strategically used to improve fortunes of the citizens of the sub-region. Few people know this, but West Africa Institute was established with support from UNESCO. ECOBANK is a partner, but has failed to give subventions to make WAI the think-tank of ECOWAS. Its new strategic vision is to make it an agency of ECOWAS: it now has an MoU with ECOWAS(March 2016) -- as demonstrated by its website, which now sits under server. #westAfrica #ecowas

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Say what you may about Macky Sall, but he will certainly go down history for facilitating important developments at the regional level. He will go down history as the first Head of State in ECOWAS to have seen his country through to thr issuance and use of ECOWAS' Biometric ID Card.

XYZ Africa News@8 has been tracking this news since the announcement in January by Ecowas about the cards in Niger.

This latest article maintains the ECOWAS Biometric ID card will be more secure than the older ID cards. Apart from the usual biometric data, the information may be enriched with data about one's health. In one foul swoop, the new card will serve as not just an ID card, but a voter's ID card; drivers' licence; bank card; or health card. After April 2017, the ECOWAS Biometric ID cards will be available for 15 Euros:

(FR: "Les cartes d'identité biométriques, plus sécurisées que les anciennes selon le gouvernement sénégalais, se verront incorporer une puce sécurisée et non visible. Celle-ci enregistrera des informations biométriques de son détenteur comme le nom et le prénom, le sexe, la date et lieu de naissance, l'adresse, la taille, la couleur des yeux, les empreintes digitales et la photographie. Les informations pourront être enrichies avec des données telles que le bilan de santé.

La nouvelle carte fera office de carte d'identité nationale, de carte d'électeur, de permis de conduire, de carte bancaire ou de carnet de santé pour les Sénégalais en remplacement des anciennes cartes qui ne seront plus valables dans le pays débit 2017.") #XYZafrica #africainFocus #westAfrica

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I am not much in Nollywood story, but that one, it should be pretty interesting.
It's amazing to see how the progressive Nigeria of 1976 has turned to a pretty regressive nation, just thanks to a useless Structural Adjustment Program, a bunch of evangelical crook pastors and conservative muslim imams.
It's like it is back in the 50s...
+Rotimi Orimoloye , +Chinke Sarah , I am waiting for a sane reaction !

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Listen to AFRICA IN FOCUS ep.65 | Interview: GHASALC Exec Secretary Eunice Brako-Marfo on #IWD2016 by User 882697697 #np on #SoundCloud 》"Had the priviledge of interviewing @Ghana Association of Savings & Loans Company(GHASALC) telling us about challenges of being an Executive Secretary in an industry that is dominated largely by men. She tells us how she balances family life & work; and the importance of setting an example for her colleagues."

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*Africa In Focus: Episode#62 – Tourism Development hindered by negative attitudes in the country – Radio XYZ 93.1FM
Although tourism is a commonsensical revenue-earner for Ghana, it emerged from the conversation that Ghanaians have yet to build either the enabling environment or the infrastructure for a thriving tourism industry."

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LISTEN: Stories include Demise of Boutros-Ghali; SADC UniVisa to Boost Regional Tourism; UNECA Commends East African Economies #xyzAfrica
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