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Marketing strategy for small to mid-sized businesses.
Marketing strategy for small to mid-sized businesses.

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I'm sure most of you are familiar with elevator pitches and positioning statements.

But aren't the kind of similar?

Check out this video explaining why they actually aren't.

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Last month I wrote about a lunch I had with Ankur Gopal, an entrepreneur whose B2B technology company, Interapt, is growing rapidly. He asked me two great questions:

1. TIMING: How will he know when it’s the right time in his business’ life cycle to bring in Argentum or a similar strategic marketing resource?
2. BUDGETS: Should he start saving money now to pay for marketing in the future?

I tackle these questions over on the Argentum Blog:

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Let's say your business has been growing -- and you think you need to hire someone to help you with your marketing, be it marketing strategy or crafting a marketing message.

When do you know you need to hire an expert?

This a great little quiz that you can take to see if it's time for you to get marketing help with your business!

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One of the most memorable Saturday Night Live skits from my childhood was the commercial for the made up product Shimmer featuring Gilda Radnor and Dan Akroyd.
Perhaps I can even trace my marketing beginnings to that long ago parody – it certainly stuck in my memory!

The premise of the commercial was that NEW Shimmer could be used as both a floor wax and as a dessert topping. Ludicrous, right?

But every day I talk to business owners who are trying to be like Shimmer. They want to be everything to everybody.

Here's why they can't:

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Doing great creative work takes time, and it's sometimes hard for non-creatives to  understand why. 

Sound familiar? Gotta check out this video!

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Interview with Rebecca Cooper Dupin of Washington Business Tonight: 3 Common Marketing Mistakes
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